Fresh from releasing his new album, 'Swells', Wisdom Teeth co-founder K-LONE selects us his top 10 4X4 garage tracks.

"Journey Into Jazz (Feel It)" by Hi Times

This is one of my favourite tracks to start a set with. The chords and atmosphere are so nice and it sounds great on a soundsystem.

"Its my house (Full Vocal Mix)" by New Horizon

This has one of my favourite vocals on a 4x4 record. It's a great example of that sweet spot between house music and UK garage.

"Guess So Dub Stuff (Dem 2 Edit)" by Dem 2

I love Dem 2’s production, they churn out tracks that all have this awesome, unique, super clean and slightly quirky sound to them.

"8 Minutes of Pleasure" by Marc Cotterell

Here's another artist still writing so much good music, all super jazzy and incredibly produced.

"Don’t Go" by Herb Rhythm

This and “Who Knows (4x4 Dub)” are two of my most played records. I love his productions.

"I'll be There (Atmoshuffle mix)" by The MPC's

I love this one and will always remember clocking it through Alex T on Shuffle N Swing back in the day.

"Talk to me (MJ Cole)" by Box Clever

I can’t have a list of my favourite 4x4 UKG bangers without the track, which I've played in almost every set for about five years.

"Good Day" by Wilfy D

I had to include my UKG partner in crime Wilfy D. His tracks include all my favourite elements of UKG.

"Music" by Persian, Duane

Persian is another super unique and eclectic producer. I love the off kilter Todd Edwards meets MJ Cole vibe to this.

"One" by K-LONE

I also had to include one of my own. "One" was massively inspired by all of these tracks.