Multi-faceted artist, DJ, producer, and broadcaster, KG, shares gorgeous new single “Koko feat. Mista Silva” and picks 10Trax that she will play forever.

For nearly a decade, KG has been an innovative and percussive luminary of dance music. Dubbed as the “Goddess of Rhythm”, KG’s plethora of African polyrhythms, low-end sub-basses, and energetic drum patterns are sure-fire to showcase the evolving sound of London’s club music hybridity and bounce.


Returning in 2018, after a break from the music industry, KG recently released her standout collab single with UNIIQU3 titled, “B2B / Black Roses”. Before that, she shared her EP ‘Sensei’ and collaborated with Scratcha DVA on the, ‘Touch’ EP. Taking cues from a musically rich adolescence, her musical sphere is entrenched with those cut from the same cloth, continuing to collaborate with prolific acts across global and diasporic club music genres from South African Amapiano to US Jersey Club.


KG has also recently joined radio giant Capital FM, as a new host and holds down a residency on South London’s Foundation FM as well as being a Boiler Room regular. Dedicated to inspiring and empowering the next generation of women in music tech, alongside Red Bull Music, she also runs music production workshops.


The North-London based British-Ghanaian artist has shared her glorious new single “Koko feat. Mista Silva”. A sun soaked, Afrobeat track, manifesting joyful, hot summer days, “Koko” is a beautiful collaboration that nods to the singers’ shared heritage, rich with KG’s very own powerful and sensual vocals. Embarking on her next chapter, KG’s frenetic sound and striking creative vision knows no boundaries.


Now, KG has picked 10Trax that are sonically soothing. Jump in!

"Percy Tau" by Kamo Mphela feat. Nobantu Vilakazi, 9umba

"All eyes on South Africa right about now! This is a current favourite - it's heavy! Love the tone of Kamo Mphela's rap voice - her delivery, the attitude - she's fire. The most loved component of Amapiano records is of course the log bass hits, so I love the way that slaps in this record. Nobantu's native calls in the bridge give me goosebumps!"

"Coastline" by Hagan

"My musical brother Hagan with 'Coastline'. This record was featured on the Free Borga: Heaven's Gate No Bribe compilation, we featured together (amazing project by the way go check that!) and I honestly listen to his track more than my own LOL. Beautiful record - Hagan has this way of incorporating live, stunning guitar and sax lines into his melodic arrangements, couple that with his fire percussive layers and drums - just magic. 'Coastline' is emotionally provoking and the title is so fitting, you can literally picture a sunset when listening to it."

"Soweto Blues" by Juls, Busiswa, Jaz Karis

"Another musical fave of mine - the King - Juls! We have to give Juls his flowers - his catalogue is so rich and cultured, incomparable to most. This track is one of my MANY favourites from him and even though he has captured the Amapiano sound so well, you can still hear that signature 'Juls' essence throughout. Love the soul from all aspects, the instrumentation, the vocals... 'Soweto Blues' is timeless."

"X" by Scratcha DVA

"MY G! The general! He shapeshifts on the genre tip and overachieves EVERY time - not many can do that. I pick 'X' (and will do over and over again!) because it's drama personified and high impact throughout, from the orchestral hits in the intro to the Gqom chants in the main body of the beat - your heart leaves your chest when you play it at maximum loudness. 'X' is absolute filth!"

"Sensei" by KG

"Honourable mention and big up to myself of course haha! I loved making this so much! Think of 'Sensei' as your Afro-centric spin on UK Funky drawing inspiration from Ghanaian Highlife guitar riffs and Japanese Koto music."

"Motion" by Gina Jeanz

"My sis Gina Jeanz, the baddest! If you do keep an eye on my sets or live streams - 'Motion' is a guaranteed play. What a BOUNCE. Love the swing in the percussion, the claps, the house chords - it's euphoric - such a vibe! Check out her new one as well 'Amagroove' a delicious fusion between Amapiano and Afro House - Gina is too saucy with it!"

"Rees Vibe" by Griffit Vigo

"The sound of our ancestors! This Gqom track is spiritual - I am activated every time I play it. 90% of the time, Griffit Vigo records are in my tracklists and 'Rees Vibe' is one of them. Love the intensity and the progression build towards the middle with the shakers and the cowbells - it's sensational. The low end as well is ridiculous!"

"God Made Me Phunky (Extended Mix)" by MD X-Spress

"Classic House- Classic piano - Classicccc bounce!! I too believe that God made me Phunky :-) I will play this track forever!"

"WYWD - Remix" by Girl Unit, Kelela

"This song literally soundtracks my commutes - the marimbas, chords - lush. Kelela's voice just lays on the beat like silk. A majestic pairing and pretty much a muse for a couple of my own forthcoming productions."

"Time (feat. Cassie)" by Black Coffee

"In line with the majority of tracks I have been listening to lately, 'Time' is sonically soothing, feel like my chakras open every time I play it! It's an Afro House record, that bass is so warm, the air around Cassie's vocals - dreamy. This is an unconventional link up but I really think Black Coffee should continue working with R&B vocalists to globalise the sound/reach of African music - this is stunning and works so well."

Listen to “Koko feat. Mista Silva” below: