Multi-platinum super producers KitschKrieg select us 10 of their top tunes from artists and producers pushing boundaries within UK and US rap.

"UK Rap" by Central Cee & Dave

It doesn’t get much better than this, when two top-class MCs drop an EP that gets bigger with every listen. Good to hear bars on riddims that are clever too. Top notch stuff. This track in particular is hard. I saw a caption on Nemzzz's Instagram just saying “bumboclaart” when it dropped. On point.

“Stone Cold” by Dess Dior & Mariah The Scientist

“Say he calling from Atlanta say he miss me”... Man, so beautiful. We went to the Future concert in Miami and Dess brought out Mariah to perform this and they had the place on lock. Every single girl in the place was singing alone. Just beautiful. We worked with both of them, they are great.

"Day Date" by Clavish

Clavish sounds different, like one of these rappers that just cut through more than others. This sounds like he’s about to blow on a whole different level. Would love to work with him.

"48 Laws of Power" by Hunxho

Very clever track from a guy that you believe every word he raps. A real ATLien having his moment. If you spend time in Atlanta you’ll hear this blasting out of cars a lot. Love how he raps on beats without drums and just talks truth: “Rule number one, do it right and you won't have to do it twice”.

Killer Mike “Run” feat. Young Thug (Single Version)

Ok, complicated one. Imagine you’re listening to the album version with the Chapelle intro, but once the music starts you’re in the “single version”. Just listen.

"Empty Stomach" by Fridayy

We remember clearly hearing this for the first time in a hotel room in Atlanta and thinking, “Wow, finally something with substance after all this fast food”. He stands out so much it’s unbelievable. We hope he reaches Frank Ocean level. This is what we need.

"Save Me" by Jelly Roll

Just do yourself a favour and get familiar with Jelly Roll. Amazing human being, amazing artist.

"Tweakin’ Together" by Bktherula

Beautiful weird. It’s a bit older but she just dropped an acoustic version of “Tweaking” which reminds us of the beauty of the original. It’s weird in the best way possible. We’ve heard this funny story, when someone told her she raps offbeat, she told them: “You’re just old, you don’t get it.” BK for the win! Love her.

“Florida Water” by Danny Towers, Dj Scheme, Ski Mask The Slump God & Luh Tyler

Our anthem. When you stay in Miami this is what you supposed to listen to. Not this Will Smith shit.

“Soft Power” by Bilderbuch

We know you asked for some German music, but honestly, we don`t listen to much german stuff at the minute, we are knee deep into our “UK & US operation”. But: Bilderbuch. Not from Germany, but German speaking and killing shit. Psychedelic superhit. Best band we have in the German-speaking market by far.