London-based singer-songwriter Kwabs gives praise to his favourite underrated cuts with a hand-picked 10trax.

"Iced Tea" by Joy Wrice, KAYTRANADA

This song feels nostalgic to me while also feeling fresh. It definitely takes me back to being a kid. When I used to watch MTV Base ritually and RnB was life. The execution is slick.

"Infinity" by Hohnen

It sounds like a Sunday afternoon and she sings like a dream - contemplative and warm. I actually got to see her live for the first time after listened to her online and she is a real, real deal artist.

"Figureskating, Neusiedlersee" by SOHN

I’m just obsessed with this song and its melodies, both musically and vocally. It’s so compelling to watch SOHN experiment with what appears to be an entirely organic production palette when I consider that the work we first did together was so electronic in nature. This is really one of my all time favourites from him.

"Number One Fan" by MUNA

I don’t think this track didn’t get a lot of love; I just think it deserves more. Firstly I like my guitar band music a little pop-y and groovy and this track is highly worthy of a righteous two-step. And the opening line?! I’ve never had a song opener make me laugh while so deftly speaking to my emo tendencies. MUNA rocks.

"be alright (solo)" by anaiis

anaiis has a way of conveying a feeling clearly but with enough metaphor and imagery that the meanings in her songs hit layers-deep. I was instantly taken the melodic choices she made here, but even more so by how she made such a common sentiment, ’everything’s gon’ be alright’, feel newly reassuring.

"Top of the World" by Kimbra

I was obsessed with this song ever since it was shown to me. I respect anyone who can speak with such confident rhythmic flow the way she did here. This song derives the best things from rap (including a message) without trying to ape its appearance. Listening to it now, it’s still so impressive to me.

"R&B" by English Teacher

I got to judge this band for the Youth Music Awards and their song really stuck in my head. It took me way back to when I first started listening to indie bands and first allowed types of music that contrast my vocal style to ‘get into my system’. This song just has an eccentric quality and captures my imagination.

"Inerția" by Orfan

I have an emotional attachment to this track that feels a little unearned because I still don’t completely understand what its lyrics mean! I can’t overstate it, I just know that it’s beauty hits me some kind of way every time I hear it. It’s massively overlooked.

"COLD SUMMER" by Wesley Joseph

I love how Wesley consistently errs between melody and speech showing his brilliant musical nous, plus he has awesome rhythmic instincts, or what Jazz aficionados would call ‘great time’. I love that his artistry really shines on this. He’s both relatable and aspirational.

"Goosebumps" by Sasha Keable

Sasha is audibly herself on this song: I detect zero self-consciousness about keeping her expression 100 percent. Goosebumps is irreverent and a provocative while not trying at all hard to do so — very pure in that way. Not to mention Sasha’s voice is perfection on this.