Get the lowdown on London Sound Academy's Top 10Trax featuring their alumni as we prepare for the weekend.

London Sound Academy is a grass-roots electronic music academy founded by Buster Bennett.


For the last ten years, they have been quietly training the best in the business and have become the go-to destination for music industry training. It’s a place where you can learn a trade but also make invaluable connections. LSA is also famed for going the extra mile for their graduates organising DJ gigs and events and even running their own record label. This chart focuses on emerging talent from a range of genres from LSA faculty, alumni and people they work with. We decided to get LSA to curate the top 10Trax they can’t stop spinning at the minute.

"Microwaves Marc Spence Remix (LSA records)" by Son of Abe

"'Microwaves' is the debut release on our new record label by Son of Abe. This remix is by tutor and Birmingham's finest bass-house DJ Marc Spence. It will give you a certified bass face. This track is a perfect example of home-grown LSA talent working with a member of the faculty to produce a cult-worthy outcome. Follow LSA Records for more upcoming bangers!"

"Lagrimas" by Samantha Togni

Brooke Candy x Betsy Johnson "Butterfly Sex Dream"- fashion film from Filmmaker Kassandra Powell on Vimeo.

"Featured here on a Brooke Candy and Betsy Johnson fashion film titled 'Butterfly Sex Dream' LSA tutor Samantha Togni's latest release Lagrimas cements her alt-tech industrial sound. It's the embryonic stage of a new genre so put it under your microscope! Shot by KH Films and Directed by Kassanda Powell, who is one of the finest videographers we've ever met."

"Sound On" by Leigh Taurean

"We are keenly watching the development of artist Leigh Taurean who has been mentored by Marc Spence. Her DJ sets have always been in the top percentile of LSA graduates and she's carving a sound for herself with recent releases 'What You Got' and this release 'Sound On.' We're also loving the collab on this video with Thomas Hensher who works with many of our artists as photographer and videographer."

"Back To Church" by Kid Cut

"This is one of the most uplifting tracks you'll ever hear and it featured on our debut release LSA Volume One (Right Recordings.) Nick, aka Kid Cut, has now released a multitude of tracks since graduating from our music production and DJ courses. He's also won several DJ competitions including an awesome set at Brighton Music Conference which is very apt because his style really invokes the energy of Brighton's dance wunderkind Fat Boy Slim!"

"Bollyhood (Distortion)" by M.A.F.F

"The biggest Iranian in Tech House, M.A.F.F goes Bollywood with his latest release on Distortion. Proving once again how LSA artists are breaking down walls on an international level in the true spirit of dance music!"

"Electric Frequencies (Toolroom Records)" by Danny Rhys

"Danny is another prime example of homegrown LSA talent, he's worked his way through the courses many years ago and is now releasing on Toolroom records among other students like Kid Cut."

"Murky (Kasey Riot Remix)" by La Fraicheur & Leonard De Leonard

"Backstreet techno dealer and rave curator Kasey Riot taps into the deeper side of her production sound with this remix for La Fraicheur & Leonard De Leonard. Catch her playing at her monthly rave series Hotline in London."

"Si Mi Buscas" by S.M.I.T.H / Ellie Cocks

"LSA tutor S.M.I.T.H teams up with industry heavyweight and Abode resident Ellie Cocks for this feel-good groover that has been hitting some of the biggest DJs record collections."


"LSA tutor ØLMØ is one of the LSA faculty and is technically one of the most advanced DJs on the scene. Coming from a background of hip-hop turntablism he now specialises in techno and is bringing a different mindset to the genre."


"Although we are known for electronic dance music we are very much rock n roll at heart. Creepiing is our favorite riotous band and we are stoked for their forthcoming album Freedom Go To Hell. We especially love the cameo from LSA alumnus Jack France near the end of a video. Sebastian Barts on guitar can also be found hosting techno masterclasses in our East London studio or DJing at London's hottest and strangest techno night - INFERNO alongside co-host Lewis G Burton."

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Introducing: London Sound Academy

London Sound Academy is a grass-roots electronic music academy founded by Buster Bennett and has been quietly training up the best in the business over the last ten years.