N90 star Mac Wetha has some fun with his 10trax and selects tunes by Sorry, Slowthai, Gang of Youths and more. His theme? Teleportation!

Mac Wetha is a key part of the acclaimed London-based NiNE8 Collective, helping to unlock the creative potential of many of its members such as Biig Piig and Lava LaRue through producing their music, and he’s recently broke out with his own singular work released under his own name.


Top singles like “IDONTBELIEVEIT” flowed into his debut EP, ‘Make It Thru’, which was a portrait of an artist in metamorphosis as he sought to carve out an individual identity for himself as a solo artist. Now, he’s ready to take the next step in his career and progress his sound even further.


That next step takes the form of his new ‘Cloud Paint’ EP, which hits the ground running with intensity on the lead tracks “Feel Better (Infinite Pitbulls)” and “Dani Song”. On the former, he comments, “Feel Better (Infinite Pitbulls) is essentially about accepting the inevitabilities life throws at you and embracing them as a part of the journey. This tune is me trying to bring myself into the present and remind myself that life is constantly happening around me and it’s important to take it all in instead of worrying and letting it pass me by.”


With Wetha’s star rising, we sat down with him to find out 10Trax…

"Paranormal Snaptivity" by Zelooperz ft. RX Nephew and Quadie Diesel

Such an insane track. I don’t have much to say about this one it’s just ridiculous. Instantly throws me into this cartoonish Fritz the Cat type world for some reason.

"Amoeba" by Clairo

One of those tunes that immediately gives me a great feeling of nostalgia, even the first time I heard it. Love the song, the mix, the production - everything. Modest and brooding.

"Separate" by Sorry

Some artists have a crazy way of creating music which quickly pulls you into it’s world, Sorry have that skill. I love this whole EP.

"DEAD" by Slowthai

So much anger in this song, love Thai’s performance, love the beat. No matter what mood I’m in this one will get me MAD!!!.

"Polly" by Dora Jar

Dora is a superstar, I don’t have words to explain the magic in this song, (and the rest of the EP) just listen! Listeners are teleported into this strange magical world which resides in Dora’s endlessly creative mind.

"Fuck You!" by Pardoner

Incredible band, big fan. Love the mix, guitar sounds are so awesome, this particular track really got me though, the ender on their last album ‘Came Down Different’. Something about all their artwork makes me feel like I’m in a different world when listening....

"the man himself" by Gang of Youths

I believe this album ‘tend the garden’ is all about one of the band member’s dad’s life, I managed to somehow end up reading about this track before I actually properly listened, and knowing the context the song, and especially the lyrics, it hit very hard. It fits the theme here because the context relates in no way to me at all, but damn it feels like it does.

"Knees" by Injury Reserve

Such an interesting feeling of melancholy and tension I feel when listening. Incredible production. Different planet.

"Dr Aco's Miracle Bullets"

Woooooooooo !!!!!!!!!

"LATE NIGHT" by 454

I must’ve listened to this track about a million times last year, so catchy, like sugar for the ears, makes my brain happy when I play this. Cartoon world.

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