Bristol hailing DJ-producer Manami selects 10 songs to soundtrack the two worlds depicted in her forthcoming EP, Dreaming Still.

'Sun Harmonics' by Jon Hopkins

The texture and groove in this, feels like you’re bathing in the sun inside of the song when listening to it.

'Spaceship Lament' by Hinako Omori

This track was a real point of inspiration for me. There’s a vastness to it, and a sensibility in the synth lines that brings out an incredible load of emotion.

'Beach Simulator 3D' by BOP

The synth line in this has lived inside my head permanently since the first listen. The track takes you elsewhere instantly.

'Look How Hard I’ve Tried' by Barker

The opening chords say it all.

'Knights of the Jaguar' by DJ Rolando

Best dance track of all time in my opinion. Insane groove, a tinge of melancholy to the chords, a building euphoria in the arrangement. A techno masterpiece.

'Headzy Headzy' by Sam Interface

Getting into the grittier bottom end sounds now. This one always gets the dancefloor rocking in my sets. The combo of the gnarly bass hits and groovy rhythms does it for me.

'FSOTM Anthem' by Henzo

Proper screw face stuff. I throw this one in a set deep in the rave, with a solid sound system.

'Speaking in Tongues' by Kiss Nuka

The whole EP is absolutely divine. Very hard to pick a fave but this track is a madness. The jungle, DnB, and footwork flavours, I’m all over it. A proper high octane ride.

'Autopsy Freestyle' by Skepta

My favourite OG Skepta tune. Hard bass, hard bars, and breaksy drums. I’m a sucker for that grime one shot too.

'Requiem for the Pre-Apocalypse' by Orbital

This was such a highlight to watch when I supported Orbital on their latest UK tour. The arrangement takes a proper journey with the flip between the euphoric synths and growling bass. Completely my cup of tea.

Listen to 'Dreaming Still' now: