Queen of cultivating infectious earworms with catchy vocals, DJ Maxinne shares the tracks shaping the productions on her new record label, Red Alert.

'This Place' by Subb-an (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

When I started DJing, I had residencies in bars in east London and would play for six hours from opening to close. This was how I really learnt how to DJ, and this Nic Fanciulli remix on Saved Records was a track I would play towards the end of the night. I love the synths in the break, soulful vocals and infectious bassline.

'Very Very by Re.You (Butch Remix)

Moon Harbour has always been one of my go-to labels over the years, and I love this Butch remix. The percussion and the driving bassline on the track are so good. It’s still a must-play track in my sets today.

'The Setup' by Obie Trice

Hip-hop was one of the first genres of music I listened to growing up, especially tracks from the '90s, and it has really influenced my taste in house records.

'Outta My Head' by Maxinne

After listening to his music and releases on the label for so many years, it was an amazing opportunity and an honour to be able to release this record on Hot Since 82’s label Knee Deep In Sound.

'Little Man - Exemen Works' by Sia, Wookie, Exemen

This track is one of my favourite garage records of all time. Growing up, I listened to a lot of garage music, and it’s really inspired how I produce music today. I love making skippy drums and warm sub sounds, and this record is the perfect example of that.

'Heft' by Kevin Knapp

I love how simple and stripped-back this track is. It has a hypnotic, deep sound and goes off every time. I remember hearing it being played on the Amnesia Terrace in Ibiza; I'll never forget that moment.

'Body Tonic' by Demarkus Lewis

This is a go-to peak-time track I play, which was released 20 years ago. It has a chunky rolling vibe to it, which is a sound I love.

'Has it Come To This?' by The Streets

I had the Original Pirate Material album when it was first released back in 2002. This track brings back such a nostalgic feeling. I used to play it on repeat all day long. At this point, I was hooked on music and knew it was the path I wanted to take.

'lookin' at you - lofi' by Warren G, lonelyboy, nom de plume

I love the vocals, especially the female part in this track. It’s got a sexy yet chilled mood to it. The vibe on this particular record has inspired the style of vocals I like to put into my own productions.

'The First Time' by Bontan

Towards the end of my sets, I love to add and bring in a few emotive tracks that have a really solid groove to them, and this record by Bontan is always perfect for those moments.

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