Deep into his residency at Colour Factory, heavy ghetto-techno spinner MCR-T selects 10 tracks currently in his arsenal.


Hot, sexy, sticky and contagious energy that will have you feeling like you're dancing in slow-mo. Futuristic sounds, we love!

'1122221' by Danny Wabbit

An A-grade all-rounder weapon for groovy vibes that capture everyone's hearts.

'birthday cake' by Vladimir Dubyshkin

An insane lo-fi banger. So fun to dance to, so fun to layer and add some punches with. I'm a huge fan of the production.

'Turandot, SC 91, Act III: Nessun dorma!' by Luciano Pavarotti

Want to make an impression with a grand enterance to your set ? I kid you not, this classic is just that. I've claimed ownership of this for a while.

'Welcome To My Groove' by Mellow Man Ace

It's groovy, it's jumpy, it's reminiscent of times long lost. The '90s swagger, rhythm and poetry with soul vocals? It's a shot bet for the right crowds!


This track means the world to me. I'm always eager and excited to open my shows with this to show that we ain't fuckin' around!

'I Felt Love' by Blue Hawaii

This track is for the heart. There is so much power in this production! Something to make you re-evaluate your last romance. I love this tune!


I've been a huge fan of anything Toni Moralez does. He's one of the ghetto techn(no) genre's filthiest tastemakers. I love dropping this for the extra sexy crowds to crank up the tension on the floor.

'All Night' by DBBD

DBBD is a huge talent. The crazy, bouncy fuckin' energy with stabby vocals have me doing all types of two steps while mixing this one. So addicted to this track!

'Crainte' by The Hacker, Gesaffelstein

I grew up on this record when I was first introduced to electronic music. I love the somber and ominous synth sounds these two French maestros produce. I feel so haunted and dangerous at the same time. I just want to rip off my t-shirt and stand in a warehouse for days with this song. This record had a huge impact on my productions.