All encompassing UK bass DJ Meg Ward selects us 10 wavy tracks to melt minds at festivals this summer, including her new roller, 'Basix'.

‘Welcome to the Party’ by Dark Arts Club

This has been my go-to set opener recently. It's the perfect way to get people into the groove, and with the lyrics, it just makes sense.

‘Fusion’ by Mennie

An absolute festival essential. The synths in this just sound like summer. This sort of track gets everyone going and lifts the mood.

‘Move It’ by Baby Rollen & Ollie Rant (Maruwa Remix)

Leading on from 'Fusion' nicely, this track starts to open up the dancer's minds. The breakdown before the last drop gives space to breathe, and the acid-infused drop helps dancers start to feel the beat in their bones.

‘The Bit Goes On’ by Snakebite (Ispirazione (XVX) Remix) 

This groovy old-skool track is one of my favourites to play, with that trancey synth and the bouncy bass it's always a smash. I do always mix out before that last breakdown though.

‘Pump Da Bass’ (Club Mix) by Da Techno Bohemian

Every festival set needs a big organ moment. I can't stop reaching for this track at the minute. It's as old as me and sounds fresher than ever. 

‘The Slip’ by Pangaea

I'm a huge fan of Pangaea, and this one helps contain the energy. The way they sample vocals to create a hook is genius.

‘Basix’ by Meg Ward

One of my latest ones. It’s definitely going to do the damage this summer- the bendy bass will bend some minds, for sure.

‘Quiero Ser Sexy’ (Surf 2 Glory Remix) by SoFFT

This song is in my head constantly, and with the speed garage switch up, you can't help but groove. The organs feel like summer.

‘Dolphin Telephone’ by Viers

The one for that peak moment in the set, pure ecstasy.

‘Heads Talk’ by Sorley

I love the bassline in this, it’s another wavy one and always goes down very well in any setting.