Releasing a new tune today alongside New Order legend Bernard Sumner, Mella Dee curates a 10trax full of electronic trailblazers, paying homage to the originators that changed the game.

"Lonely Soul" by Unkle Ft Richard Ashcroft

This is one of those albums I heard as a teen that grabbed me by the head and shook it. It merged many different ideas I love musically in such a beautiful way, Richard Ashcroft sounds so good on this. The Ian Brown track is another favourite as well.

"Lean FWD" by Mala

Game changing, simple as that. Mala is the King.

"Machine Maid" by Two Lone Swordsmen

Incredible duo. Decided on this one to shout out Andrew Weatherall, his solo work and his remix skills are obviously next level. His project with Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man) is so good, there's many classic albums to listen to that are so expansive and just draw you right in, impeccable.

"Saint Angel" by Goldie

If I'm talking electronic trailblazers, then Goldie has to be in there. All around creative energy and talent. The way how expresses himself on his chosen canvas, incredible, he paints a picture with his sounds. I always love hearing it.

"Hotboy (Dub)" by Allstars (Steve Gurley)

Underground legend and the fuel to so many ideas that we hear today. Always deep, always heavy, always proper.

"Fat Larry's Skank" by Benny Ill & Kode 9

Benny Ill of Horsepower productions teaming up with Kode 9, both architects of the Dubstep sound and key figures in there own ways. This one is essential listening, play it loud..

"Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Amnesia Resurrection Mix)" by Mari Kvien Brunvoll

Ricardo had to have a place in this list. There are endless records I could of chosen for this, but I've opted for his 28-minute long epic remix of "Everywhere You Go". This just puts me right in the booth on the Amnesia terrace, it makes so much sense to me, and it's exactly what I want to channel when I play in that room. Stick this on, let it roll out, and enjoy.

"Everything Gone Green" by New Order

There's a reason I'm currently putting this playlist together and it's to celebrate the release of my new record with an electronic trailblazer Bernard Sumner: a member of two groups, Joy Division and New Order. I had to include one track featuring his work, and outside of some of the more obvious choices, I've gone with "Everything's Gone Green", an early vocal demonstration from Bernard and the precursor to "Blue Monday". "Everything's Gone Green" is raw and unapologetic. Incredible.

"Dancing Ghosts" by Chris & Cosey

1984, 303, tripped out drums, Chris & Cosey still sounding like the future 40 years on. Also a duo that were part of the groundbreaking Throbbing Gristle, early adopters of sampling techniques within electronic music.

"Radical Chic" by Cabaret Voltaire

South Yorkshire-based clank from the ashes of post punk, and both members continued on to work outside of the group.

"Bachelorette" by Bjork

There's plenty of Bjork's music I could pull from to demonstrate her trailblazing nature, but this one stands out for me. This album is such a good experimental mix of ideas and sounds, the kind of stuff where you can hear writers and producers pushing the boundaries of their work. There's so much power in "The Bachelorette". Also for an absolute next level bonus club remix of Bjork, check the Towa Tei remix of "Hyperballad", that's a proper demonstration of how you do it.

Stream Mella Dee's new track below: