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We get an exclusive sneak peek into the top 10 tracks the team at Melt Festival, the Mad-Max inspired German festival, cannot stop shaking a leg to!

A whole new world is opening up at Melt Festival, far from any restrictions. Be it the cosmopolitan crowd or diversity embedded in all aspects of the festival – in the unique setting of Ferroplis, everybody can celebrate without prejudices all weekend long. The artistic director Flo and the creative director Nina selected their all-time favourites, that should stand for the diversity of melt festival – from golden classics to underground gems.


Melt Festival is from 19th – 21st July near Berlin, Germany – tickets are available here.

"Like A Girl" by Lizzo

"We fell in love with Lizzo the first time we heard her voice. This song plays in the background when we fight for equality and womxn rights!" - Nina


"Still one of my favourite Dance bangers filled with energy and positive vibes." - Flo

"Raw Dinner" by Santi feat. Kida Kudz

"Santi and the whole alté movement will take over the world. Watch out!" - Nina

"Gosh" by Jamie xx

"This one never gets old." - Flo

"I’m Not In Love" by Kelsey Lu

"She is queen. She is our future." - Nina

"Starry Night" by Peggy Gou

"The rise of Peggy Gou is crazy so she has deserved to be in this list." - Flo

"Oldie" by Odd Future

"No words needed for this piece of gold!" - Nina

"LOVE SUPREME" by Lonely Feelings

"What more to say, Black Mirror / Netflix are fans already and so are we." - Flo

"Hope" by Blood Orange

"Dev Hynes is a freakin genius and "Negro Swan“ is already a classic." - Nina

"I DON'T CARE" by 박혜진 park hye jin

"A incredible talented girl from South Korea that will smash European stages for first time this summer (and also at Melt)." - Flo

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