Broadcaster, radio personality and passionate advocate for the power of dance music, MistaJam curates 10trax to say goodbye to the January blues.

"Defibrillator" by MistaJam & Glasgow Ki$$

I wrote this one with the club in mind and it’s never failed me in a set since. Big ol’ fun, lairy bassline and Glasgow Ki$$’ vocals make this a universal dancefloor destroyer.

"Bugbeat" by SOSA UK

SOSA is yet to put out a track that I don’t like but, to my ears, "Bugbeat" on Chris Lake’s Black Book label is his biggest yet. Chunky!

"Hendrix Flow" by PAWSA

PAWSA always delivers club bangers, but with this one he’s flipped a classic Q-Tip verse from Deee-Lite’s "Groove Is In The Heart" into a hefty chunk of house.

"Gimme That Bounce" by Mau P

BIG follow up to "Drugs From Amsterdam" from the rising Dutch producer. Perfect blend of tech house and classic house grooves.

"Helicopter" by James Hype

2023’s answer to the classic Timo Maas remix of Azzido Da Bass’ "Dooms Night" – that swooshing synth always works on a dancefloor.

"Work" by Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T & Denise Belfon

The Masters At Work original was a staple in my sets for years. Glasgow underground boss Kevin McKay gives it a new lease of life with his 2023 version.

"JOY (God Only Knows)" by Joy Anonymous

Flipping Betty Everett’s soul cover of the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" into a feel-good, hands in the air house banger isn’t easy to do… but Joy Anonymous have done it. A brilliant set closer.

"Lennon" by ESSEL

She’s one of those producers who’s releases are always of a consistently high standard. She’s going to have a massive 2023 and "Lennon" is a real statement of intent.

Meduza - ID

One of the hottest IDs of the moment with one of the biggest drops. I don’t know the final artist and track name so good luck finding it when it’s out.

"Nothing Else Matters" by MistaJam

[played at 1:24:25] My next big single needs to get a road test, so it will be getting a lot of club workouts whenever and wherever possible. This was written as an ode to the uniting power and universal appeal of dance music. So put your hands to the sky, cos nothing else matters but the music…