Reaching global levels with his blends of Arabic sounds, Moktar selects us 10Trax that inspire him the most.

"Switchover" by Kamoun

Kanoun is my latest find from digging through Soundcloud and there's honestly no better feeling than finding fresh new music that absolutely slaps. His latest EP, ‘Multi’, is a must listen.

"Taht el Wared" by Bedouin Burger

Bedouin Burger are an Arabic electro, jazz duo out of Lebanon. They always touch and elevate my musical soul with their powerful political messages, which really hit home as someone from an Arabic country. “Taht el Wared”, which translates to Beneath the Flowers, has Adib's ghostly vocals hovering over a production that begins minimally, before evolving into an arresting dabke-style hoedown.

"Rashash" by Toumba

Toumba, out of Jordan, is one of those artists that screams prodigy and perfectionist. You feel that with every track he releases. His production is also something that I admire and completely nerd out to. I love this one.

"Bateekh" by Muskila

Yo, this one I received in an email two days before my Boiler Room set and it changed everything. I ended up opening with this track. Musikla, from Copenhagen, represent!

“Livin' In Da Ghetto feat. Moktar (Da Ghetto Fuckiro Club)” by Arabian Song

I found this track after shamelessly googling myself… and it’s so good! Moktar the vocalist released on a few records in the ‘90s, ranging from house to disco. This is a big track that I usually play out when the sun appears. There’s a very sexy sax in this one.

“I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) Club Mix” by Infectious!

This track gives me fond memories of when I went B2B with Bradley Zero in Melbourne - we ended our set to this song and it still seems to be brought up in conversation a lot!

“Made To Stray” by Mount Kimbie

This track is the most played on my Rekordbox DJ count and for good reason too. Could this possibly be my favourite song?

“First Contact” by Puglist

Melbourne-based producer and DJ Pugilist is someone who I was definitely inspired by when I first started my project. This track was the first I’d ever heard from him; I had no idea he was Australian until I moved to melbourne!

“Cluster Drum” by 3Phaz

Shout out to 3phaz out of Cairo. This guy is unstoppable with amazing production. I’m proud to be Egyptian whenever I listen to this track.

“Likshot” by Surusinghe

Surusinghe releasing this track was probably the sickest day for a lot of people. She’s a good friend and an absolute beast of a DJ and producer. She is unstoppable.