British singer-songwriter Moss Kena takes us through 10 tracks to uplift anyone's mood, following his new single "Light It Up".

Stream "Light It Up" below:

"Free" by SAULT

This song takes me to heaven and back, it's so powerful.

"Feel Good" by slowthai

An instant mood booster, this is my favourite offering from slowthai.

"All OF The Time" by Jungle

There's so much that I love about this, especially it's immersive soulfulness.

"Last Night" by Dabeull, Jordan Lee

"Late Night" is a nostalgic escape and provides a real serotonin boost.

"Nights" by Frank Ocean

"Nights" is a sonic landscape to get lost in.

"Believe What I Say" by Kanye West

"Believe What I Say" is a head banger and foot stomper, with a classic Lauryn Hill sample.

"Dead Man Walking" by Brent Faiyaz

"Dead Man Walking" is one for the late night feelings, float away!

"In the Air" by L.A.B

"In the Air" is a romantic vibration, evoking all the love chemicals.

"Rise to the Sun" by Alabama Shakes

This one lights you from within, it's a real uplifter.

"Lost In Yesterday" by Tame Impala

Get lost in this story and carried away by its hypnotic rhythm.


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