Ahead of a UK and Ireland tour, and having just released her debut album, Yellow Roses, Niamh Bury selects 10 tracks by fellow Irish artists.

'Lord Abore and Mary Flynn' by Lankum

Lankum's music comes in many different shades, and I think that's part of the beauty of the band. This traditional ballad is a duet from Cormac and Radie – it shows their softer, sadder side, and is unbelievably beautiful.

'Mannequin' by Anna Mieke

This song transports me to a hazy summer day. Anna Mieke's softly driving guitar rhythm, voice and lyrics are magic.

'Kitty' by John Francis Flynn

This song is so sad and beautiful. John's voice is like a force of nature – his gravelly low notes are perfectly accompanied by double bass drone from Caimin Gilmore.

'Big Dreams' by Rachael Lavelle

What Rachael does with this piano ballad is genius. In addition to her gorgeous vocals, the spoken lyrics by Doireann Ní Bhriain (the voice of the Luas transport system in Dublin) create a world that's humorous, beautiful and alienating all at once.

'Gretchen' by moondiver

Love this bop from Dublin-based jazz electronic quartet moondiver.

'Nothing for Ye' by Joshua Burnside

It's hard to choose my favourite Joshua Burnside track because he's such a good songwriter. But this song has a timeless quality to it and it's great live with a room full of fans singing along.

'Back to Earth' by Aoife Nessa Frances

This is a brilliantly crafted song from Aoife. Great hooks and a banging chorus that reminds me of The Beatles.

'To War' by Cormac Begley

Cormac Begley is one of the most important Irish traditional musicians alive today. His experimental approach to playing and recording the concertina is grounded in a deep respect and knowledge of the music from his home of West Kerry. This tune is a bop.

'Open Ended' by Holly Munro

This is such a great track from Dublin singer-songwriter, Holly Munro, about resilience and hope.

'Floating Paradise' by Louise Gaffney

I really love the droney, meditative electronics on this track. And Louise's voice is so sweet.

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