Dive deep into the minds of Northeast Party House who have curated a 10Trax playlist - a compilation of songs that have inspired some of their most memorable songs just for you.

Hailing from Melbourne, 6-piece electronic band Northeast Party House have just released their third studio album ‘Shelf Life’. Since 2010, the band have made an imprint on Australia’s dance music scene – creating endless vibes that will live forever on international dance floors.


The album’s title track ‘Shelf Life’ and centrepiece was inspired by the band’s marathon bender at Berlin’s infamous Berghain nightclub, as told through the eyes of lead singer and songwriter Zachary Hamilton-Reeves.  Themes of love and relationships feature strongly on the album, with added reflection and introspection this time around.


As experts in their field, North East House have curated a 10Trax playlist including some of the best and most iconic songs which in some way have inspired their collective sound and individuality as musicians.


Take a look below at their 10 recommendations below!

"We Share Our Mothers’ Health" by The Knife

“Along with many songs off of The Knife’s album Silent Shout, this one, in particular, was one that really influenced a lot of the sounds and textures throughout our own track ‘Dominos’. The synths in this song are out of this world.” - Mitch

"Latch" by Disclosure

“The two brothers in Disclosure are both instrumentalists who essentially flesh out all the initial elements of a song using live elements like a band would and then shape them into an electronic world. We’ve always tried to find that sweet spot between live instrumentation and electronic samples in our music and they’re an artist I always turn to as a major reference for production and song structure”. - Mitch

"Reunion" by M83

“M83 have a real knack for building these incredibly uplifting, pop crafted dance tracks with lush shoegaze synths. I remember listening to this song, in particular, a lot throughout the writing of our album and continue to fall in love with where their music takes you.” - Mitch

"With Or Without you" by U2

“We have this running joke that the six of us can never find an artist that we all mutually enjoy listening to. However, for some strange reason, U2 is one of the only bands that fit the criteria for us all. We’ll often put on ‘With Or Without You’ to instantly bring up the mood in the tour van or if we’re away on a songwriting trip.” - Mitch

"I Exhale" by Underworld

“I’ve always been aware of Underworld but have never listened to them religiously. Sean and I were writing together one day and pulled up a clip of Underworld live at Glastonbury during our lunch break, which really amped us up. Their whole energy and unique blend of punk attitude with electronic production is something that resonated with us and provided me with a source of inspiration and a reference point for creating ‘The Desert’.” - Jack

"I Can’t Do Without You" by Caribou

“One of my all time favourite artists, and one of my favourite songs to reference. I admire this song for its simplicity and depth. Nostalgic vocals over slow building dance instrumentation, that transports you to another time and place.” - Zach

"Supermodel" by SZA

“Going through changes was a big part of this album cycle for me. Reading and talking to people about the power of vulnerability really helped that process. But seeing artists put it into practice as SZA does with her vulnerable lyrics, repetitive chords, stripped back production and rambling melodies in ‘Supermodel’ opened a gate for me, and allowed me to explore these themes in songs like ‘Tear In A Club’ and ‘Shelf Life’.” - Zach

"Hey Boy Hey Girl" by The Chemical Brothers

“This song is full of organic gritty synths, arpeggiated rhythms and hypnotic droning tones that ebb and flow around a central groove. This heavily influenced the mood, tone and core ideas in a demo I had called Leo Tolstoy, which later became our track ‘Shelf Life’.” - Mal

"Last Time (Jon Hopkins Remix)" by Moderat

“There is a feeling of transcendence to everything Jon Hopkins does. I wanted to create a song that put me in that same mental space. I drew heavily from the synth sounds and emotional realm to form what became ‘Sunset’.” - Mal

"Blue Train Lines" by Mount Kimbe feat. King Krule

“This was one of those songs that hit me the instant I heard it, and I listened to it incessantly during the album process. To me, it is the perfect raw blend of electro and punk and just hypes me up so much every listen. I love the pace and energy that the real live drums and bass and organic synths give to the track, which is something we often try to do when incorporating live elements into our tracks.” - Oli