As both the weather and his music hots up, O’Flynn puts together a 10trax of the electronic tunes to ring in spring, marking the release day of his first original solo music in two years.

"Helix" by Kelly Moran

Epic piece of music, one of the regular songs I always go back and listen to - I will listen to this song all year round but I think it stands out in the spring.

"Sirens" by Flume, Caroline Polacheck

Incredible sound design and vocals paired together to make this blissful track.

"The Want" by Gold Panda

Love the scattering sound design spread across this whole record - but this track stands out to me with it’s emotional piano and strings.

"Elysian" by Bonobo

My favourite track (after "Otomo") from the recent record by Bonobo - again amazing mix of real and electronic sounds - you can barely tell what’s a real instrument and what is electronic it’s so well blended.

"Sister" by TSHA

I think this is TSHA’s best track so far and the perfect track to welcome in spring. The strings in this track are what makes it stand out to me.

"Protein" by Jeshi, Obongjayer

The very cool vocals of Obongjayer sit perfectly on top of this beat, slightly different vibe from rest of tracks but this still feels like spring to me.

"Wind Loop" by Teebs

Teebs has his own recognisable sonic imprint, beautiful and chaotic organic sounds blended with with hip hop beats.

"The Splendour" by Pantha Du Prince

From the 2010 album ‘Black Noise’ - worth checking out whole album really interesting blends of real and electronic sounds.

"Trust" by TSVI, Loraine James

Uplifting chords and spacious sound design, really beautiful song and one of my favourites from both TSVI and Loraine James. Shows the versatility of both producers who are each just as capable making dark bangers.

"White Picket Fence" by Koreless

Most people are not brave enough to release all their music without drums - I love how epic Koreless’s music is in clubs as well as being perfect to listen to whilst chilling at home.

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