Following the much-anticipated release of their third album, ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown,’ the indie alt-pop pair curate an uplifting playlist to soundtrack your week.

A winning favourite of music aficionados across the board, Oh Wonder have been mesmerising our ears ever since they stepped onto the scene in 2014.


The duo, consisting of Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht, concoct dreamy synth-pop bops, empowering us through their romantic lyricism and joyous elation.


In their latest record, Oh Wonder provides a sweet ode to intimacy and sensitivity, giving us an expansive take on why we should all be a bit more optimistic, in spite of the trials and tribulations that characterise our modern-day lives. Entirely written and self-produced in their home studio before joining forces with Cenzo Townshend (of Bat for Lashes, Christine & and Queens, and Jungle fame), ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’ is a testament to the power that lies in openness and honesty.


Featuring standout tracks like dynamic lead single ‘Happy’ and the pensive ‘How It Goes’ – a melodic track which ebbs and flows between states of melancholy and nostalgia, reminding us why it’s okay to not be okay – this record demonstrates why Oh Wonder have enthralled the hearts of music lovers for all this time. In fact, armed with a dextrous knack for storytelling and sublime pop music, the duo has continued in same the way that they began – crafting songs and melodies that are both relatable and explorative in equal measure.


Before you take a deep dive into the record, though, sit down and settle into their playlist, curated especially for your listening pleasure.

'Twist' by Dizzy

"We are obsessed with this Canadian band! Their album 'Baby Teeth' is so beautiful; it's super nostalgic and dreamy. We are so hyped to be bringing them out on our European Tour this March, and can't wait to watch their set every night before our show."

'Good News' by Mac Miller

"Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go set it on fire?" Self-destruction summed up in the most painfully beautiful way."

'O Superman' by Laurie Anderson

"Someone showed us this at a house party in Bangkok the other day and we were like "what is this?!" It could so easily be a song from last year, or a Bon Iver collaboration or something, but it was released in 1982 which is insane?! It feels so current and fresh."

'Don't Mind' by Louis The Child

"These guys are legends and friends of ours, we wrote a couple tunes with them when we were in LA. This is a super sick song, and is now easily our favourite LTC song."

'I'll Come Too' by James Blake

"There are only a few artists in the world who can take us to the places that James Blake does. He's an artist who is creative output is in its own lane, and he is at the forefront of an industry that is often built on imitation. This is our favourite song of 2019, and whenever we are travelling this song instantly takes us home."

'Never Come Back' by Caribou

"We heard Jo Whiley play this before our Radio 2 session the other day and it got us super hyped. Have loved Caribou for so long, and Dan is consistently putting out good music. This hits the spot."

'Walrus' by D.D Dumbo

"This is such a jam. The orchestral tinged arrangement is so gorgeous, and this whole album is super special. Go listen to the full record!!"

'Nothing Can Hurt Me' by Frida Sundemo

"We've been fans of Frida for ages. Her voice is so vulnerable and fragile. The Pure Version of this tune is also awesome, and so exposed. She is a Swedish pop force!"

'Slow Burn' by Kacey Musgraves

"Last summer our Sonos was set to play this every morning in the kitchen, so it just completely reminds us of eating breakfast in the sunshine. This album is already a classic, and she is SO GOOD live."

Oceans' by Ry X and Ólafur Arnalds

"We are longtime fans of Ólafur Arnalds, and this collaboration is super dreamy. We used a few of Ólafur's piano samples on our new album too, which sound unreal."


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