Oink, oink! Elusive Irish artist pigbaby selects us 10Trax that inspired his new album, i don't care if anyone listens to this shit once you do.

‘Knee 5 (1978 Version)’ by Philip Glass

This song makes sense because it doesn’t make any sense at all. I love the mix of traditional, classical instrumentation with more modern vocals, there is a lot of emotion in here even though nothing is really being said and I love this Laurie Anderson style of leftfield pop.

‘Movie On The Way Down’ by Jim O Rourke

This song really means a lot to me. It’s definitely one of the most special pieces of music I’ve ever heard. The lyrics, instrumentation, the sparse layout and then everything coming together at the end, it’s just perfect. Jim is one of my heroes and as far as pigbaby goes I can only dream of one day making music this beautiful.

‘Outclass Death: Assembled Razors Stifle Death’ by Psychic TV

I probably wouldn’t be making music at all if it wasn’t for Throbbing Gristle. Their composition and use of sound really grabs me and I love how a song can go from pretty to horrible and then back to pretty again. Genesis inspired me a lot as someone with no musical background and gave me the confidence to play instruments even though I don’t know how to.

‘My Rifle, My Pony & Me’ by Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson

I love cowboy stuff, I love stuff about lost lovers, I love the simplicity of guitar, voice, whistle, and the little harmonica. There’s so much beauty in this, I can relate to it a lot. Just swap rifle and pony out with ciggies and my moped.

‘T Minus Tranquility’ by Sudden Sway

This is one of the craziest records I’ve ever heard in my life: music mixed with theatre and voice acting. I’m very inspired by how they created an entire world, which is what I want to do with pigbaby.

‘Lake Marie – Live' by John Prine

This song inspired a specific track on my album. I’d never heard anything like it, the chorus and then the sexy speaking over the acoustic guitar really struck me. I like how it’s one long story, I wanna tell stories with my music, he’s a great storyteller and it’s got such a beautiful sound that I can’t get out of my head.

‘Ben’s My Friend’ by Sun Kill Moon

I’ve always loved his writing style but this period of Sun Kill Moon, where he sing/raps, is really cool to me. I’ve never heard someone in a serious song sing about eating a burrito with his wife. It really breaks the wall and makes the song weird and relatable. I hate songwriters who are overly mysterious, with abstract lyrics that make no sense, I guess that’s what I was like in my first record but on this album, I want to lay it all bare and this song gave me confidence to do that.

‘Nothing I’m Just Listening to the Moon’ by K. Freund

I love the mood, it's so simple and beautiful. I am always trying to create an emotion this thick when I make stuff.

‘Murmuüre’ by Murmuüre

This is my favourite black metal album, the energy is more relevant to my live shows and the music I’m making now (not this album) but I still cite it as a major inspiration for everything I do, even though this record is a little soft.

'Spirit World Rising' by Daniel Johnston

I would be nothing without DJ.

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