A playlist that reaches all four corners of music, Poliça take us on a journey of their diverse favourite 10 Trax of the moment, following the single and video release for “Driving” and upcoming album drop.

Exploring a melange of euphoric, eerie and mellow tracks, Poliça have been meaningfully producing meticulous music for almost a decade, whilst having collaborated with worldwide sell-outs and navigating life’s large challenges.


Consistently producing smooth electronic synth-scapes, accompanied by a prominent bass and lead singer – Channy Leaneagh’s versatile enigmatic voice, such talented works of art like this do not get produced overnight. With all hands on deck, every one of the four members has an influential part in delivering the groups niche and favourable sound. Alongside this dream team’s tireless efforts to produce such profound tracks, accomplished producer and Poliça co-founder, Ryan Olson works as their lucky charm in amalgamating the tracks together and delivering their trademark fierce yet spacey tracks.


This year, Poliça welcomes its fourth album “When We Stay Alive”, revolving around the deep and personal accounts of lead Leaneagh’s traumatic accident, resulting in a serious back break. The album sequences two halves: before the accident and after, meshing together to produce an account of her accident and the importance of reclaiming her identity in order to successfully heal from such trauma to various global issues like the pollution crisis. Covering a litter of life’s concerns, this album will be relatable to all in some form, whilst experiencing the enrapturing trance of Poliça.


This band have made previous success across the world, which can only be proven by their extensive tour dates that span across five months traversing the US and European cities. Be sure to keep an ear out for their latest album “When We Stay Alive” set to drop on the 24 January.


In the meantime, take a peek at their 10 Trax playlist ranging from golden oldies to haunting sonic melodies.

"Dance" by ESG

"I try to not listen to a lot of music or just end up not listening to a lot of music while working on a record because all I'm doing is listening to the tracks Ryan Olson sends me and working on melodies and lyrics for each song: I don't want to be distracted by other songs or borrow from someone else (knowing full well there are no new melodies and everything I make is borrowing from some melody I heard somewhere in my life's memory). So this song Dance I heard after I finished the record but it reminded me of the song "bloodmoon" on our new record. The idea of this slightly aggressive phrasing of a fun and joyful thing as "DANCE". This is the song I listen to over and over when I'm flying on a plane and the turbulence gets intense. It's hard to be scared listening to this." - Channy Leaneagh

"Bridge of Death" by Hildur Guonadottir

"My favorite piece of music to come out last year was the soundtrack for Chernobyl. I could sit in those sounds for days. Very much fits our times as well and feels like listening to a warning of history repeating itself." - Channy Leaneagh

"Love to Hate To Love" by Reinier Zonneveld ft. Cari Golden

"I love this song. It was found also after I finished the record but I'm fascinated by the voice. It has an older and sexy quality that is very comforting - and it's got a sad, creepy feeling but also a love song." - Channy Leaneagh

"Party Up the Street" by Miley Cyrus, Swae Lee and Mike Will Made It

"This was a pop track that I listened to while painting my house last summer. I love Swae Lee's voice and I look forward to hearing more by them. Miley's voice sounds great on this too. Production is open and raw." - Channy Leaneagh

"If You Want Me to Stay" by Sly and the Family Stone

"Rustee Allen's bass line is an all time great and slays me–but so does Sly." - Chris Bierden

"Evan Finds the Third Room" by Khruangbin

"Laura Lee's bass lines are so perfectly constructed and delivered, I admire it so much." - Chris Bierden

“Mine” by Rrose

"From the album aptly titled Hymn To Moisture. Pretty wild rhythms going on here." - Drew Christopherson

“All My Happiness Is Gone” by Purple Mountains

"This song makes me feel 19 again. I’m twice that age, and feeling this song on a deep level." - Drew Christopherson

"Pop Song" by The Jesus Lizard

"This band still sounds better to me than almost all other bands." - Ben Ivascu

"Skull Jam" by Blue Orchids

"I only recently learned about Blue Orchids. They’ve been a band on and off since the 80’s. For some reason this song has been stuck in my head." - Ben Ivascu