French producer/DJ duo Polo & Pan pick 10Trax that inspired their latest EP, 'Feel Good', a project that makes you feel - you guessed it - pretty good.

Formed of Paris natives Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan, Polo & Pan first met when they were both resident DJs at the city’s hotspot, Le Baron.


Their 2017 debut ‘Caravelle’ went platinum internationally, a project that has since cemented them over 200 million streams. From there, they played a sold-out international tour through 2019 including a debut at Coachella debut and a show at London’s legendary Printworks.


Now, the pair are back with the new EP, ‘Feel Good’, a four-track offering that fulfils its titular promise. The breezy eponymous track is Polo & Pan’s “celebration of optimism”, something we can all agree is needed in today’s world.

Elsewhere on the record, “Pili Pili” – named after the hot pepper – is a real thumper, built around the traditional wind instruments the duo came to love after their travels through Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean.


Polo & Pan share there 10Trax that inspired ‘Feel Good’, and it’s a whole range of influences. From Beck and The Beatles to Michael Berger and Missy Elliott – dive in below!


Mort Garson - Plantasia

"This track comes back systematically in our references. Mort Garson wrote it for his plants; we like to use synth leads in his style."

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Definition

"The masters of ‘dub tempo’ explore one of our favourite instruments - the flute ‘traversière’ - in this track."

Cerrone - Hooked On You

"With the vocal support of The Amazing Jocelyn Brown, this 1981 classic has the funkiest dance-floor-friendly honky-tonk piano riff."

Sébastien Tellier - Roche

"We are big fans of Sébastien’s work and consider this track to be one of the sexiest productions ever."

Air - Le soleil est près de moi

"This band inspired us to become musicians and producers. Their first album greatly influenced us on our choice of instruments, textures, the use of vocoders and their ways of building a story within a song."

Missy Elliott - Lose Control

"We are also big fans of hip hop, we love the crazy arpeggiator in this track that can set fire to a dance floor on any continent."

The Beach Boys - Little Pad (A Cappella)

"We listened to the Beach Boys a lot during the confinement to get infused by their genius vocal choral arrangements. this track is a great example."

Michel Berger - Mon piano danse

"Also one of our great influences, Michel was a genius of harmony, groove and piano riffs - the title of this song on its own is already a source of inspiration."

The Beatles - I Am The Walrus

"Pure Psychedelia, harmonic genius, freedom in the format, with a beautiful final climax… These are the elements of this song and of this legendary band, they are a source of inspiration for us and any musician writing pop music since the sixties."

Beck - Tropicalia

"When the suave voice of Beck meets the warmth of Bossa nova, the result is a song that creates bridges between multiple dimensions that we love."

Listen to Polo & Pan's 'Feel Good' EP below: