Poppy Ajudha chooses ten essential tracks and artists to inspire self-empowerment, in celebration of her new single "NO!".


"Rosalia is one of my favourite artists, she's such an inspiration to me. I love the creativity in her music, its uniqueness and the power in her delivery. I love the way she puts forward her creative aesthetic and vision, she is a legend in the making."

"101 FM" by Little Simz

"Simz has had such an incredible journey of self belief and ability. She is truly a force of nature and innovator in our industry who I know will only go on to do more and more incredible things. She is an example of what can be achieved as an independent artist and always shows so much of her unapologetic self in her music."

"BDE" by Shygirl

"This song just gasses me up. I love the energy and the sexual empowerment in the lyrics and energy of the record. It was also produced by Karma Kid who produced my track 'PLAYGOD' from my recent album, and I love anything he is a part of."

"Mother's Daughter" by Miley Cyrus

"The video is iconic. I love music that subverts oppressive ideas around womanhood and it's really cool to see a huge artist like Miley Cyrus singing about issues that matter."

"Stupid" by Ashnikko

"Sometimes the lads need to be reminded... STUPID BOY THINK THAT I NEED HIM."

"Jealousy" by FKA Twigs

"A true artist in all ways. I've loved watching her journey as an artist and the different manifestations of her creativity. 'Caprisongs' is my favourite of her work, I love the production across this record and especially this song. Melodies are too sick as well."

"Miserable America" by Kevin Abstract

"Powerful lyrics that remind us how important it is to be raw, vulnerable and honest as artists. It is the luxury we are afforded in order to inspire others to be their true selves and exist beyond the confinement of social norms and stereotypes."

"Weekend" by Jorja Smith

"I loved this project from Jorja and especially this song. Such a cool vibe and lyrical concept. Produced by Joel Compass who produced "LONDON'S BURNING" on my album. Such an incredible creative, another producer that I love anything he touches."

"All Night" by Bree Runway

"A very vibey song!! Sexy... Powerful... What more could you want? There's something that is really catchy about the rhythm of the vocal against the acoustic guitar and then that sexy sexy subbbb yesss."

"Midas" by Annahstasia

"Annahstasia is so so special! What an artist, what a voice. She is timeless, i'm unsure if she's even from this realm. Beautiful soul, I'm looking forward to seeing everything that follows her recent releases."

Stream Poppy's newest single below:

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