Purple Disco Machine picks 10 of his favourite Italo Disco tracks, from Raf to Kano to Sylvester.

Hailing from the east German town of Dresden, Purple Disco Machine has shot to fame off the back of his varied and eclectic approach to electronic music.


He has amassed some extremely impressive streaming numbers, has played at some of the top clubs in the world, produced the most played track on Italian radio in 2021, and has produced remixes for some of the world’s biggest artists such as Elton John, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.


Summer festival season is his time to shine, and he has come prepared with new single “Wake Up!”, a collaboration with Bosq & Kaleta. Since it’s release on 3rd June, it’s certainly primed to provide the soundtrack to a hedonistic summer of parties.


With a huge summer on the way, we asked Purple Disco Machine to pick 10 Italo Disco tracks that have inspired him.

"Exotica" by Purple Disco Machine (feat. Mind Enterprises)

"Probably the most italo disco of all the tracks of my latest album."

"Supernature" by Cerrone

"One of the key artists and tracks that built the genre. It was a real honour to recently meet with Marc and discuss music."

"Get Closer" by Valerie Dore

"Even though it was made to dance to in nightclubs, quite a lot of italo disco has a melancholic streak. This track is a sad classic."

"Hypnotic Tango" by My Mine

"The haunting dubby synth riff, precision tooled drums and bubbling bass lock the groove before the typical italo chorus drops, making it a track containing everything good about the genre."

"Blue Tuesday" by Delphi

"Cheeky tribute to the classic New Order track which in itself was inspired by italo disco and the Bobby O, Patrick Cowley sound."

"Self Control" by Raf

"Laura Branigan made this a worldwide hit in 1984, but Raf’s is the original italo disco smash she covered."

"It's A War" by Kano

"Still pertinent lyrics 30 years later and a strong enough groove to still fit nicely into today’s DJ sets."

"Rock The Box" by Sylvester

"A futuristic masterpiece by another of the inspirations of the italo sound. So good that i had to sample it for my recent track ‘Playbox’."

"Italobingo" by Jabberwocky

"This has been a staple in my DJ sets and radio show mixes since it was released in 2019."

"She Can't Love You" by Chemise - Purple Disco Machine Edit

"I made this edit just to play in my sets many years ago. The original label heard and made it legit by finally releasing it this year."

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