Electronic producer, Romare, picks 10Trax that inspired his forthcoming album, 'Home'.

Named after the artist, author and songwriter, Romare Bearden, Romare has been consistently creating left-field and downtempo electronic tracks since his debut in 2012. His funk-infused number “All Night” has racked up millions of streams,  as has the bluesy “Hey Now – When I Give You All My Lovin'”. Like his moniker, much of Romare’s work has paid tribute to Black musical forms and iconic figures.


Now, Romare is set to return with his third full-length record on 31st July. Titled ‘Home’, the album explores spirituality, identity and belonging.


‘Home’ was born after Romare (AKA Archie Fairhurst) finally laid down roots after a lifetime of travelling. As a child, the producer was always on the move as his parents would relocate around the world for work, before finally settling in the UK. However, Romare’s own career in music led to a few solid years of touring, uprooting him once more. The aptly titled ‘Home’ signifies a new chapter in Romare’s life following a move from London to the countryside, starting a family and welcoming a quieter existence.


For his 10Trax, Romare selected a wide range of musical pieces across the years – from choral numbers to soul and folk. Jump in below!

"Stig in Lucia" by Solwig Hernth-Grippe

"Sacred piece of music with an inspiring arrangement of voice."

"Miracles" by Johnnie Frierson

"No frills recording of a beautiful song played by one musician showcasing how powerful the simple combination of guitar, vocals, a tapping foot and echo effects can be."

"The Queen of the Rushes / Paddy Fahys Jig - Medley" by Planxty 

"Great chemistry between rhythm and lead provided by the bodhran and uilleann pipes - both influential instruments to me."

"Crazy Love" by Van Morrison

"Wonderful vocal performance by Van Morrison who keeps his voice on a leash to great effect on this one, giving the impression that he’s holding back tears whilst recording this gentle song."

"Sunday" by Kenny Graham And His Satellites

"In a way the perfect blueprint for composing a popular song - an overriding theme (the bell), a change in mood (from dark to light) and a beautiful lead melody shrouded in enriching chords and a murky bass line - all enhanced by an imaginative instrumentation."

"Outside In (Live in Germany 1986)" by John Martyn and Danny Thompson

"An energetic performance of an enigmatic song, the performers invite the audience to participate in a spiritually uplifting musical journey fuelled by echo effects, deeply compassionate playing and a celebrated lack of musical boundaries."

"No Other Love" by Joe Stafford and Paul Weston And His Orchestra

"Based on a piece by Chopin, the clever addition of lyrics adds a deeper intensity to the swelling nature of the music, building tension until release exactly halfway through the song."

"Book of Days" by Enya

"Reminds me of being with my mother and dancing with her in the living room when I was a little boy - great percussion."

"Devotion" by Earth Wind & Fire

"I used to listen to this song while travelling - the song is so peaceful you can almost picture the singers smiling."

"Lost And Gone" by Bert Jansch

"Reminds me of my father listening to music on the weekends when I was growing up, I like listening to it on walks in the countryside now - good chorus and great lyrics."