London-based DJ, Saachi, selects 10trax in line with her usual blend of house, breaks, UKG, bass line and electro. Dive in!

"Summer Dreams" by Skream

"I can’t not include a track from Skream! The album honestly changed my life. Summer Dreams is probably the track that stands out to me because I love the trumpet sample, I think the fusion of jazz and dubstep is amazing. A few years ago I luckily stumbled across the vinyl in Tokyo and it’s one of my prized possessions! A truly timeless album."

"Dhak Dhak x J Sweet" by Manara

"Everything about this track is perfect, it is such a vibe. I love the Bollywood sample against the hard beat. Manara is in a league of her own and this track is a small introduction into her amazing work. Dhak Dhak is a timeless track to me and definitely one I will keep playing."

"way of the void" by Nikki Nair

"Nikki Nair needs no introduction, his production is on another level and it’s amazing to watch his career move. This track perfectly showcases his artistry and he is definitely one to watch."

"Chameleon" by Herbie Hancock

"When I’m not Djing, I listen to a lot of jazz and hip hop and when I discovered Chameleon it blew my mind. It instantly catches your attention and never loses it."I really love how you can hear the experimentation which eventually created a sub genre of jazz funk! I really recommend listening to the album in full, it’s incredible. For my birthday my sister took me to watch Herbie Hancock at the Barbican a few years ago and honestly it was such an honour to listen to him live. I especially liked how his band was mostly young jazz musicians as it shows how he is bringing others up which is so important.

"Seher" by Suchi

"This track is amazing and complete mood of its own! I love how she was able to incorporate aspects of her Norwegian and South Asian connections into the EP. It’s really been amazing to watch Suchi take off, she is definitely one to watch."

"Do Something" by Papa Nugs

"This track is an instant vibe and one I play a lot! Papa Nugs always delivers a vibe in his production, I particularly like the left field undertone in Do Something, it just makes me want to dance."

"Wifey Riddem" by Eyesight

"This is probably one of my favourite songs to play! I love the combination of AJ Tracey and UKG by Eyesight. I found this track at a pivotal point and it really helped inspire my current sound."

"It's Always Sunny In Casa" by Kosh

"I love this track, the simplicity of the melody perfectly showcases how clean Kosh’s production. It’s a perfect introduction to the world of Casa Voyger."

"Cookie" by Bakey

"Bakery always delivers, I’m a massive fan of his sound and you’ll definitely hear his music in my sets. Cookie is such a vibe, I especially like the switch up around 1:45, it goes hard!"

"Surgery" by Kromestar

"I’m going back with this one but Surgery is one of my favourite Deep Medi tracks, I love how it allows the bass to shine. A masterpiece of its own."