From deep Daft Punk cuts to new music finds and dance music classics, Shampain selects 10Trax he's currently obsessing over.

"Follow Me 2" by JFK

I found this track before a gig in Liverpool and have been obsessed ever since. It’s obviously super simple, but it’s extremely hypnotic and really unique.

"Technologic" by Daft Punk (Peaches No Logic Remix)

I have all the Daft Punk albums on CD and somehow this one slipped under my radar until recently. Peaches is such an icon and her music harnesses a raw energy, which is exemplified in her take on this dance classic.

"Ven pa' la discoteca" by Regal86

I’d heard of Regal86 via Miley Serious and Rinse France for years, but I’ve only recently delved into his collection and it’s full to the brim with hits. This one is a super cool flirty house track where he even raps the vocal himself.

"Rock Da Spot" by Armand Van Helden, Mr. Len

This is another track from a dance music icon I’ve discovered recently. It really gives me Tony Hawk Pro-skater vibes and has been a staple in my sets since I heard it.

"Club Freaks" by DJ Rush

Over lockdown I discovered the OG DJ Rush tracks. This one epitomises him as an artist, in full freak mode, with the most insane drums that get crazier as it goes on.

"Prema" by LU2K

I can’t think of many people, let alone ‘artists’ that are as talented as Philadelphia’s LU2K. This one really reminds me of LU as a person when I’m listening. He’s going to be remembered as a Philly legend like Allen Iverson.

"Tainted" by Just Mustard

For as long as I get asked to do lists, Just Mustard will always be in them! I listen to them every day and this is one of a long list of my favourites.

"Private Room" by Collin Strange

I found this one recently on the L.I.E.S record label. I listen to less techno than I used to, but it means the ones I gravitate to really slam the dancefloor.

"Jigsaw Feeling" by Siouxsie And The Banshees

Much like DJ Rush, Siouxsie Sioux’s whole vibe has been a big influence for me over the years. I love how she has carved out her own status and that she’s become so universally respected.

"Go Dig My Grave" by Lankum

I think this track is from Lankum’s forthcoming album and it’s a really special piece of Irish music. Nothing corny or stereotyped about it, and it’s extremely terrifying. If this doesn’t get used in some sort of Martin McDonagh movie, I would be pretty gutted.

Shampain will be bringing his G-Town Records imprint back to Galway on the 8th of April for an extended b2b set with Miley Serious.