Indie artist, Sherwyn, shares bouncy new single “Off You” and picks more than 10Trax that influence an integral part of his sound.

Somewhere at the intersection of David Byrne, Andre 3000, Bootsy Collins and Prince, sits rising artist, Sherwyn. Hailing from Nashville and gaining experience producing for other artists, Sherwyn made his debut last year with the groovy track, “My Mind”. His debut signalled the beginning of his own genre-bending sound that fuses elements of funk, indie rock and hip-hop.


Follow up singles were tricky to categorise, drawing from Sherwyn’s vast and eclectic sonic palette, with “What” and its metal infused bassline leaning into a heavier sound and “Starfucker” opening like Parliament covering the Talking Heads classic “Once In A Lifetime”.


Sherwyn’s latest single, “Off You” featuring Yung Bae incorporates a funky bassline, whirling synths and dynamic vocals. The track rocketed him straight onto the radar of BBC Radio 1, who gave the track its first UK play, after both Royal Blood and Manchester Orchestra tipped him as one to watch on Jack Saunders’ Future Artists show. With more music set to drop over the coming months, Sherwyn has already firmly marked himself out as one to watch.


Now, Sherwyn has picked more than 10Trax that are a perfect blend of genres, both old and new. Dive in!


"I chose this song because it is a perfect blend of genres I love. PawPaw Rod swirls through rap cadences and warm melody choices of old soul and funk records to make this anthem of empowerment. I'm very inspired by how carefree the whole track comes off."

"1st Time" by Bakar

"Bakar is another artist I feel falls into no genre at all. Borrowing from Rock n Roll and just a carefree energy he makes you have no choice but to get up and enjoy the 3 minutes of movement. The drums and the guitar marriage in this one does it all for me."

"Mercy Mercy Me" by Marvin Gaye

"With the year we just had I feel like it's only right to include this song about social injustice and the state of where The people were when America was in War overseas as well as in our own country. He uses his voice so well to give u the feeling that he was watching his brothers and sisters die in Vietnam and the fight for racial equality. This was also one of the first songs in history where one man would harmonise different melodies on top of each other."

"Uh-Oh, Loves Comes to Town" by Talking Heads

"Talking Heads being an integral part of creating my sound I had to include one by the great David Byrne. This one I really love because it's a song about dropping everything you have for love. The best part about the song is the track and instruments compliment all the words to make you feel like Love truly has come to town. One of those songs that makes you walk down the street with the extra pep in your step because someone's love has hit you."

"Too Bad" by Duckwrth

"I am extremely honoured to have been a part of this record with Duckwrth and my twin brother. Too Bad is a nod to Mo-town and Rock n Roll but still blending our extra sauce to get that feeling deep in your chest. Simplicity is everything with this one but when it gets to the chorus it hits you with the angst of when you see someone who is 'Too Bad'. Also listen carefully and you might hear a little background vocal by me ;)"

"Happy Valentine's Day" by Outkast

"Another big influence of mine, Andre 3000 is a true renaissance man. I could go on forever with what song is my favourite from 'The Love Below' but I chose this one because of how he used minimal elements to create such a big song. Me and my friends always joke around saying 'The Love Below' should be considered a genre at this point, because without Andre there might not have been a lot of these songs I’ve included in the playlist."

"Deep Down Body Thurst" by N.E.R.D

"ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY. Pharrell never disappoints in my eyes. With a fast pace Chorus that makes you break your neck we all end up in a Deep Down Body Thurst. The breakdown is genius too."

"Either You Want It" by Royal Blood

"Honored to be able to call these guys my friends. Had to show love to this one because it's the ultimate driving far far away song. One of those songs where you can’t stop making a stink face because the bass is gritty and the groove is right where it needs to be. Cheers to my dawgs Royal Blood."

"Leave The Door Open" by Silk Sonic

"This is one of those songs I wish I could have just been in the room to set up the mic or a fly on the wall to enjoy the magic that Anderson Paak and Bruno created together. This is a true love song delivered by two of the smoothest in the game. Amazing writing and perfect production on this joint."

"47.48" by Childish Gambino

"What would we do without Donald Glover. I look up to him for his bravery of just making a vibe no matter what it feels like. This truthful message hits on the head too. “Dont worry about tomorrow, the violence” . One of those songs that makes you want to get together and sing with the neighbourhood. We’re in this together."

"Pusherman" by Curtis Mayfield

"Carefree and easy delivery is everything on this classic. Curtis is barely even singing, just talking in a smooth way. I strive to be this cool on a track on my upcoming tunes. Enjoy."

"Down The Line" by Remi Wolf

"I thank the universe for Remi Wolf blessing our ears. She always comes with extremely unique tracks with a pop sensibility but never is predictable. With breakdowns and an infectious hook this is another one of those walk down the street with my rhythm in my hand songs. I can’t help but hit my side step to this one."

Watch the music video for "Off You" below: