Sheffield-born DJ Silva Bumpa selects us 10Trax to lock off any rave, ahead of his Boiler Room debut with dubstep legends Skream & Benga.

‘Only When I'm Dancing Do I Feel This Dub’ by The Mighty Dub Cats

One of Fatboy Slim's many aliases, this just has a really interesting vibe. It’s more housey than I would usually play but those chords are so lush.

‘Touch Me Black Box’ by Motionz [Chris Lorenzo]

This one tears the club up! The intro is so euphoric; Chris Lorenzo is truly a genius.

‘Losing You (Vocal Mix)’ by Riplash & Sus, Jo Louise

The songwriting on this is so good. It’s just such a happy and equally hard tune, the melodies are so catchy.

‘Lighter’ by Soul Mass Transit System

This is a modern classic. I think Soul Mass Transit System really defined this more modern speed garage sound.

‘BULLSEYE’ by Body Swerve

Booda is the best at making gritty bassline tunes that sound so funky, the swing and groove in his tracks are unmatched.

‘Pull It (Bad Gyal Bass)’ by Sub Zeroft Shystie

Probably one of the hardest A cappellas ever. The original Ill Blue remix is crazy also.

‘Wicked’ by Dexter Rico and Dubaholics

The melodies on this! I just love these old-school speed garage records that are dark and roll for ages. I could listen to this on loop for a while!

‘Reefa’ by Simple Tingz

So cheeky! The vinyl cover is sick, as well as the track.


I love these hard and housey records that also sound like speed garage; it’s the perfect blend.

‘Sandwiches’ by DJ Birdie

A unique vocal that works so well. Very interesting and solid EP on the whole.

Listen to 'Without U' by Silva Bumpa now: