Who says romance is dead? Strandz and Lola select 10Trax for the lovers in us all, from golden era 50 Cent to Rihanna and Future link-ups.

"Loveeeeeee Song" by Rihanna, Future

Strandz: This is such a nostalgic song which we rediscovered together, so it means something special.

"1er Gauo" by Magic System

Lola: A very nostalgic track which brings us back to family gatherings from back in the day. The lyrics tell the story of a man rejected by his girlfriend due to his social status which is a very real but sad part of love.

"While We’re Young" by Jhené Aiko

Strandz: A song that never gets old, we're both big fans of Jhené Aiko and this song reflects being young and in love.

"Us Against the World" by Strandz

Lola: I have genuinely listened to this countless times and I’m still not over it. For that reason, it's a timeless song.

"Studio" by Booka600, Durkio

Strandz: This isn’t a love song but we used to listen to it all the time in our car rides at the beginning of our relationship, so it always takes us back to then.

"Yebba’s Heartbreak" by Drake, Yebba

Strandz: No words.

"Waiting" by Skrapz, B Anca

Lola: We don’t really relate but it’s still a song about love and we still hold it down for each other.

"One In A Million" by Aaliyah

Rest in peace Aaliyah. This one is just a really good song about love.

"Best Friend" - 50 Cent, Olivia

Lola: This one’s a classic, for real!

"J’adore" by Strandz

Lola: The beat is mesmerising, it makes me want to breakdance. Someone I met said they’re going to sing along to this with their partner as they drop their child off to work. I hope we can be like them one day.


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