HE.SHE.THEY. resident SYREETA puts together a playlist to celebrate the label and events brand’s fifth anniversary with world tour dates on the horizon.

"Vogue (Demuir & Light Skin Ric Remix" by M.Luc

This gives me fierce and sassy, two of the many words that describe my sound on a HE.SHE.THEY night. Anything that makes you wanna break out and vogue!

"What's The Word" by Cakes Da Killa X Proper Villains

This is one of my favourite tracks from the H.S.T label, I put it in my Radio One essential mix for HE.SHE.THEY. and it went down a treat.

"Stay Out All Night" by Radio Slave

I love playing this track. It's one of those dirty breakbeat vibes, no matter where you drop it, guarantee it will always go down. It certainly did when I dropped this at their fifth birthday party at Ministry.

"Feel My NRG feat Alissa Brianna" by Gina Breeze

When I’m ready to change the mood and go sultry and deep. This is when you get to see the dancers show us how naughty they can go.

"Then Again" by Josh Brent ft. Tempo O'Neil

Retro funk vibes with futuristic sounds. I really love the vocals on this. It takes me to a place where I get so lost in the music. Just like how you feel so free to get lost at a H.S.T event with no judgement.

"QUEEN OF THE NIGHT" by Charly Schaller Feat. Dani DeLion

Another belter from H.S.T label, now we’re getting dark with attitude, I love to drop a few of these during my sets, with the lyrics Queen of the Bassline.

"Caffeine" by Harvey McKay

I’ve had the pleasure of playing at Watergate Berlin for H.S.T where I get delve into my techno folder, this track is a proper peak time stomper. When this gets dropped I always want to be on the other side decks going wild.

"Voicebox" by CAYAM

I used to hear Maya playing this out, and you would see nothing but my bass face on the drop. So when it finally got released and I got to play it, to see the same reaction I felt was everything.

"Nasty (feat. Kiddy Smile)" by Catz 'n Dogz

I pretty much have to play a Catz 'n Dogz track every H.S.T set, it’s gritty it’s raw. It's nasty.

"I Am Coming" by M.F.S: Observatory

A great thumping house track with acid vibes, and a classic sample. H.S.T are out and the world should know.

Catch the HE.SHE.THEY world tour dates in Barcelona on March 17th, and Bristol March 18th.