Prolific and polymathic Italian DJ System Olympia selects 10Trax that inspired her upcoming EP, Sanctified.

'Fancy Clown' by Hokage Simon

Right down to the core intersection between hope and disappointment.

'Indian Summer' by The Doors

A revolutionary, humid, love letter.

'Cittá' Futura' by Bassolino

I am a mob wife driving a Maserati Merak in Napoli.

'L'infinità' by Eduardo De Crezcenzo

Making love in hotels with people we're in love with, occasionally.

'Romantic Worlds' by Jane Weaver

"I travel to some places and feel the love that's missing in the air".

'Since I Have A Lover' by 6LACK

A sweet story told like a lullaby.

'What's Been Turning You On' by ASHRR, System Olympia

How the space between desire and fulfilment sounds in my head.

'Choose Me' by James Blake

A prayer.

'D.M.B' A$AP Rocky

A brief history of time in theoretical tenderness.

'Ploys' by Working Men's Club

The most original artist I've heard in the UK in the past 10 years.

Listen to 'Luce Rossa' now: