Between takes on Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Tati Gabrielle offers up her top 10Trax.

When news broke that Sabrina The Teenage Witch was making a Netflix-shaped comeback, there was both despair and delight. Everyone had the same question on their lips: would they ruin a classic, or make it amazing? Well, first things first, it’s totally terrifying, with cold-blooded murder at every turn. It’s worlds away from the goofy, teenage tearaway, lovelorn humour which we saw in the 90s classic headed up by Melissa Joan Hart, but equally as epic. It’s impossible not the mention Kiernan Shipka, who valiantly takes on the title character and does a stellar job throughout.

Another happy addition to the Netflix version is Prudence Night, played by the incredible rising talent Tati Gabrielle. Basically the BNOC of the Academy of Unseen Arts, she’s more-or-less a demonic Regina George, intent on giving Sabrina a hard time and making sure that she doesn’t find her way into the Academy (there’s only room for one queen bee-witched!). For the role, Gabrielle based her character on American singer Eartha Kitt, who was responsible for the much-covered festival jam, “Santa Baby”, a tell-tale sign that she’s an evident music fan.

“I know it’s only supposed to be 10, but in The 100 there’s 13 clans and 13 is also a witch’s lucky number!” Gabrielle says when she offers up her 10Trax edit. So here’s 13Trax that Tati Gabrielle can’t turn off right now.

"Work Out" by Chance The Rapper

"I love this song, it puts me in a late Saturday morning feel good mood, but on any day of the week. It’s how I hope for my life to go."

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

"One of the most mellifluous displays of euphonic artistry that has ever graced my ears, this song. Just an iconic masterpiece that makes my heart want to jump out and wail in ecstasy."

"My Way" by Frank Sinatra

"This is a very emotional song for me. It brings me to tears of triumph almost every time I listen to it, recalling all that I’ve been through to get to where I am today and I most certainly did it my way."

"Lifeboats (Freestyle)" by Jorja Smith

"Everyone should listen to this song and be reminded that it takes a village. No one wins unless we all win."

"Bonkers" by Dizzee Rascal

"You wanna see me get wild? Turn this on and see what happens"

Human Behavior (Cover) by Willow

"As a self proclaimed alien, this song, and particularly Willow’s voice, just speaks to my soul."

"I Want You To Shake" by Francis and the Lights

"It is impossible for me to sit still whilst listening to this. I love the electric funk sound, it just penetrates my bones and then I dance around!"

"Go Off" by MIA

"I hear this and it just makes me feel sexy. Like strut through a crowd of people, naked, giving no f**ks, kind of sexy."

"I Do Everything (More For Cruisin’)" by Masego

"I call this my brain food. Whenever I need to do some script study or clean up my apartment this song puts me right in the groove."

"Valerie" by Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse

"Since high school, this has been my happy song, so I keep it in steady rotation. Any time I’m in a bad mood, I pop this on and it does the trick every time."

"I Ain’t Got Time" by Tyler The Creator

"It reminds me of old Missy Elliot with a new twist. Whenever I hear it it immediately makes me feel like I’m the sh*t and can’t nobody touch me."

"Born on the Bayou" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

"It just makes me feel rough, rugged, and ready to go. I feel like I’m driving down Route 66 in an ’87 Chevelle with the top down just going where life takes me."

"Tati Gabrielle Interlude" by Lostman

"A fan made this for me and I was incredibly flattered by it. It’s now become one of my pick me up songs if I’m ever feeling down on myself."