Ahead of dropping their new album 'Blame My Ex', The Beaches' Leandra Earl selects us 10 tracks for falling back in love with yourself.

'The Worst Person Alive' by G Flip

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a song on repeat as much as this one. It makes me want to throw a Flying V (guitar) on and rock the huge chorus chord hits with G. Feels so good to belt this chorus out. My favourite song of the year.

'Happier Than Ever' by Billie Eilish

I love how gentle this song starts out, but when the ending hits it HITS. I found myself scream-crying “you made me hate this city” when I felt lonely in my own city through my breakup and it was cathartic to let some of the anger out.

'Burnin Love' by Shawnee Kish feat. Jamie Fine

My breakup has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and in a moment of pain and frustration a protective friend sent me this song and said “the lyrics…might be cathartic to you right now". Definitely felt empowered on my speed walk.

'I’ve Loved You For So Long' by The Aces

In love with every member of The Aces. They posted that this song (or maybe it was the whole album) was an ode to the band, all the love and sisterhood that lives within that tight-knit band realm & it immediately made me think of all the love I have for my own band and all the band friends we’ve made along the way.

‘Speed Drive’ by Charli XCX

This song became my summer anthem. It just gets you in a good mood. Kylie became obsessed with it first and showed it to me while filming a TikTok in front of The Big Fiddle in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Very random, but that specific memory of that song serves girl power.

'Rush' by Troye Sivan

Ok this song just makes you feel sexy and horned up, can I get an Amen???? (We’ve all seen the music video…say thank u, Troye).

'Dance The Night' by Dua Lipa

This song obviously = Barbie, which is the most empowering feeling of the entire summer for us gals! Jordan learned the whole dance which is very entertaining and always makes me laugh. I love my friends.

'Flowers' by Miley Cyrus

The ultimate post-breakup empowerment ANTHEM. Sometimes you just need to do things on your own and enjoy the time spent with yourself. Who needs a partner anyway?!!

'Have A Good Summer (Without Me)' by Valley

This song is actually way too sweet to an ex-lover, but when Kylie and I both got dumped around the same time, we blasted this song in our hotel room in Newfoundland and just yelled HAVE A GOOD SUMMER WITHOUT ME!!! Hopefully our exes heard us and had decent summers, but also thought of us CONSTANTLY. Take that.

'The Way Things Go' by beabadoobee

Sometimes part of healing means you need to sit with your feelings and actually feel them. This song is so beautiful, the melodies are so gentle and soothing, but it is also an incredibly sad thought: I guess that’s the way things go. We can’t control everything, all we can do is learn to live with what has happened. It’s not easy, but we’re all doing our best. This song makes me cry, but I enjoy its beauty, so I’ll continue listening and crying.

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