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As she teams up with Amazon Fashion, Chidera Eggerue edits her ultimate #10Trax playlist.

Chidera Eggerue has been labelled a ‘millenial mastermind’. She’s a best-selling author, a respected blogger and most recently, a muse for Amazon Fashion. Raised in Peckham, South-East London, Eggerue rose to fame via her #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER movement, which championed diverse body types and sought to shun patriarchal views of how women’s bodies should be. As a result, Eggerue appeared in a string of international publications and gained a mass following across her social media channels.

For her most recent project, she’s focused on confidence boosting by hand-picking a series of looks from Amazon Fashion that make her feel ultra-glam. In the 6 looks that she’ll pulled together, she’s ensured that this seasons key trends are evident – making sure that those that wear them will look the best of the rest at their Christmas party. Of the collaboration, she said: “I’ve had a lot off fun browsing the expansive selection of brands available at Amazon Fashion and selecting my key pieces for Autumn/Winter. I’ve created five head-to-toe looks that are perfect for me to slay this season! I enjoy styling up my outfits, adding my own personal touch and had an awesome time discovering wardrobe gems that complement my individual style perfectly.”

We managed to grab 5 minutes with Eggerue to breakdown the top #10Trax that she can’t stop listening to.

"easy" by Mac Ayres

"This song to me, feels absolutely timeless and I find Mac’s entire body of work coherent and calming."

"What's Happening Brother" by Marvin Gaye

"Anytime I listen to this song, I’m reminded of the 70’s - a time I enjoy romanticising, when music was used as a tool to document the times."

"Ready" by Ella Mai

"It’s been wonderful witnessing Ella Mai’s career evolve. This particular song is about getting over someone and no longer needing their presence in your life!"

"Most Beautiful Girl" by Kiefer

"This is my favourite Kiefer song. I really love the song title; imagine someone describing you as the ‘most beautiful girl’'

"Girls Need Love" by Summer Walker

"This song accurately expresses exactly what my 2018 has looked like romantically."

"These Quiet Nights" by EyeLoveBrandon ft. Sipprell

"My favourite thing about this song is Sipprell’s voice. An angel, a queen, a sweet spirit."

"Negra Flor" by Sandra De Sa

"Brazilian music makes me so happy, especially if it’s from the 80’s."

"System" by Sinead Harnett

"This song is about questioning what it feels like to fall in love and dealing with the feeling of having someone’s energy in your system."

"Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)" by Nai Palm

"This woman gives me life and continues to reinvent herself without seeking anybody’s permission. I’m drawn to this song because it’s a cover but she approaches it so magically."

"Super Rich Kids" by Frank Ocean

"Frank Ocean is my favourite musician and this song reminds me of my teenage years that I spent escaping my life on Tumblr."

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