To celebrate the release of platinum indie trio Wild Rivers' new single 'Cave', the band curates a list of 10 tracks you need to hear right now.

From Khal:

'Casual' by Chappell Roan

"I think this is my favourite song of the year. The lyrics are the perfect mix of funny, heartbreaking, savage, empowering. Intoxicating chorus."

'Highlands' by Middle Kids

"This song makes me feel like I'm racing through the night in a convertible in a coming of age indie movie."

'Jackson' by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood

"Just an absolute vibe of a track. Nancy Sinatra is the best nepo baby of all time."

'Damn Good in a Dive Bar' by Laci Kaye Booth

"This chorus is a dream and Laci is an artist who is just impossibly cool."

From Devan:

'Slug' by Matt Champion

"Been loving the new Matt Champion album, and this is my fav from the project. Feels funky and classic while somehow effortlessly pulling off the lyric 'won't you be my slug'."

'What Now' by Brittany Howard

"I've been running to this song and it makes me feel like I'm sprinting."

'Drank on Accutane' by slimdan

"Dan is a lyrical beast and always pulls off the coolest and most niche song titles/concepts. So specific but so relatable which is the best kind of songwriting."

'Crying Over U' by Medium Build

"Haven't yet made it through this song without crying."

From Khal:

Will It Go Around In Circles - Billy Preston

"An incredible groove from the man who played keys for The Beatles"

'Fool' by Adrianne Lenker

"The most interesting production I have heard this year, supporting our generation's best lyricist (IMO)!”