Xzavier Stone's relaxed take on electronic R&B shines through on his new EP, GREYSCALE, here are 10Trax that inspired the project.

'Oops (Oh My)' by Tweet, Missy Elliott

For 'HISS N’ SLITHER', I wanted the instrumentation to channel the same sensuality and mystique of this Timbaland-produced classic.

'Aoneko no Torso' by Ryuichi Sakamoto

I listened to a lot of Ryuichi Sakamoto and studied certain concepts in music theory, like quarter harmony, which influenced the composition of 'DOG FIGHT'.

'Knock Knock' by Wasteey Monroe, oodaredevil

Texas music has always been a huge influence on me, and after discovering newer releases from artists like oodaredevil and Wasteey Monroe, who is featured on 'ASKING4', their flows have captivated me and deeply impacted how I write and record vocals.

'Short Hair' by Charlotte Horn

Charlotte Horn is a multidisciplinary artist from Switzerland. After meeting through our shared obsession with PARTYNEXTDOOR, we had studio sessions and she became a significant part of my musical journey as she contributed the hook on 'ASKING4', co-wrote 'IRREPLACEABLE' and is featured on other upcoming works.

'Too Late Too Soon' by Jon Secada

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’ ethereal instrumentation inspired the soundscape for 'PLUS J’AVANCE'.

'Mezzanine' by Lavurn

Lavurn, who graced 'DOG FIGHT' with his pretty vocals recently released his first album, which is tender and beautiful.

'Calvary (beginning of the end)' by Lucille Ghatti

Bronx-based singer Lucille Ghatti has been on my heavy rotation for a minute and luckily we were able to meet up in NYC where I record her verse for 'SAY THE WORD'.

'pour de vrai' by Helma

I met Helma in 2019 at an event in Brussels where we both performed. There was always mutual respect and years later we worked on our first piece, 'PLUS J'AVANCE', while I was in Paris.

'You Make Me Feel' by Terror Danjah ft. Meleka

Honorable mention goes out to R&G (Rhythm & Grime). The subgenre played a huge role in developing my own sonic language for electronic R&B and I've been constantly drawn to it for inspiration for years.

'Speechless' by Loraine James, George Riley

This is what electronic R&B is supposed to sound like now, in my opinion.