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Yo it’s BaneyBoy and I’m taking over Notion Magazine’s 10 Trax today...

Yxng Bane had a busy year. Aside from his collaborative album, Any Minute Now, which he released alongside D-Block Europe, he’s also recently dropped his first mixtape, the eclectic HBK. Described as the “soundtrack to his summer”, the 14-track release proves what we already new about Bane, that he’s more that established himself as one of the UK’s most promising new rap talents, destined to rival the likes of Stormzy and Skepta.

To mark the release of HBK, Yxng Bane has selected his top 10Trax that he’s got on repeat right now.

"Ye" by Burna Boy

"THIS ONE IS FIRE! YA-YA-YA! Couldn’t open this list with any other track at the moment. This one will get your Friday started."

"By Mistake" by Young Dolphin

"I like Young Dolph's style and I like the way he approaches the songs. The way he emphasises some of the words he says - he will say a line but then repeat it, and say it louder the second time as if you didn’t hear him the first time. It’s pretty cool how he wants to get his point across. "

"East Atlanta Love Letter" by 6lack ft Future

"I’m a big Future fan, and I especially like it when he goes into his creative and sensitive zone like he does on this track. I like it when he goes into deeper writing & he tells love stories etc."

"All Of A Sudden" by Lil Baby & Moneybagg Yo

"I listened to this tune so many times when it first came out and still am. It’s one of those tracks that speaks to you but sticks in your head. I kinda kinda like the way they get their point across in this one."

"Instigator" by Lil Durk

"Lil Durk is someone who I admire - I appreciate his honesty. He goes to the studio and just gives himself to the listener - that’s rare but also powerful. I like that."

"Do Not Disturb" by Drake

"I listen to Drake because it’s more-so advise than music. Drake is giving the listener something in this. You can take from them."

"Downfall" by Lil Durk Feat. Young Dolph & Lil Baby

"Lil Durk is amazing, his honesty is something I appreciate and that I try to get across in my own tracks - because he’s someone you can learn from - the artist is giving you advise."

"Nowhere" by Future

"If you haven’t guessed...I’m a big Future fan. I love everything he touches. This is one of my favourites."

"Problem" by Yxng Bane

"This is one of my favourites from HBK. It’s a song that has been inspired by all the reasons I’ve detailed above, as well as the Summer of 2017. It’s honest, as open as I can be for now, and hopefully something you can learn from."

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