Zack Villere picks 10 some of his favourite tracks to celebrate the release of the music video for "Rope Swing" with Dijon.

Guitarist and vocalist, Zack Villere and R&B/soul artist, Dijon, teamed up on the nostalgic track, “Rope Swing,” part of Zack’s Cardboard City album, released earlier this year. Now, the music video has been dropped – and it’s as lighthearted and comical as we hoped.


The visual is very much aligned with Zack’s summation that the song “‘is literally about a swing we had that me and my friends used to go to and I was too scared to jump off the high part of the tree.”


In the video, Zack and Dijon head to Zack’s native Louisiana and some of his favourite childhood spots, embarking on various antics until they reach the titular swing. It also sees him collaborate again with Dan Streit who directed the video for Zack’s tune “Sore Throat.”


We asked Zack to pick 10Trax that he loves listening to. Dive in below!

"Planet" by MIKE

"MIKE is the greatest."

"Shake It To The Ground" by Blaqstarr

"These are the best kind of raps to me."

"Gotta Be Your Lover" by Jon Bap

"Wish I could've directed a video for this i always imagine Jon Bap (who is extremely tall) with shoulder pads in a football uniform singing with a tiny guitar to a group of cheerleaders in the bleachers. Like the movie Grease haha."

"You've Got A Friend" by Donny Hathaway

"My friend Duncan showed me this album. 1:05 'to brighten up even your darkest night’ hits me so hard right in my little chest bone."

"I Can Tell" by 504 Boyz

"I used to listen to this so much on my mp3 player in like 6th or 7th grade; real Louisiana shit haha. The hook is so good."

"Treat Me Like Somebody" by Sissy Nobby

"And since we’re talking about Louisiana…."

"Lost In The Supermarket" by The Clash

"I fucking love grocery stores."

"Amar Amei" by Mc Don Juan

"I wanna go to Brazil and stay out til 6 am dancing to baile funk."

"The Gathering" by Pharoah Sanders

"When the vocals come in mannn."

"Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson


Watch the music video for "Rope Swing" below: