Ahead of his run across Africa completing 360 marathons over 16 countries in just 240 days, Hardest Geezer selects 10 tracks to test your endurance.

Russ, better known as Hardest Geezer, is a man of many talents. An adventurer, runner, endurance athlete and teacher, constantly on a mission of self-betterment, his unbridled dedication to sport has got him to where he is today. And still, no one really knows who he is.


Like many endurance athletes, Hardest Geezer began his journey as a mission of self-development. In just a few years, he’s eaten up the world’s kilometres and worked with The Running Charity to bring underprivileged youth to the outdoors.


In 2019, Hardest Geezer became the first person to run from Asia to London. His next challenge will level up on the extreme adventures of his past, as he looks to complete 360 marathons, over 16 countries, in just 240 days, journeying from the very North to the very South of Africa.


Check out 10Trax that will be helping Hardest Geezer through those difficult miles on his upcoming journey.

Kasabian - "Underdog"

"When I set myself the task of running home from Asia, I identified the German border as the crucial landmark of the trip. It took 43 days of back-to-back marathons to get there, but a few hundred metres before, "Underdog" came on. I remembered everyone who didn’t believe in me. Up until this point I was the underdog, but not anymore."

Slaves - "Sockets"

"Maximum aggression from start to finish, this one will take you from six minute kilometres to three minute kilometres in no time."

SL2 - "On a Ragga Tip"

"I can feel this one in my soul, It's euphoric."

Coldplay - "Yellow"

"I’m a man of many talents, but singing is not one of them. This song reminds me of that every time."

Connie Constance - "English Rose"

"Connie has the voice of an angel and her cover of this is a beautiful comfort to me no matter what precarious situation I’m in."

The Vaccines - "Wetsuit"

"Another one that gets played when it’s raining loads and the tempos slow enough for me to exercise my outrageously narrow vocal range."

The Streets - "Geezers Need Excitement"

"This song means serious business."

Laura Marling - "For You"

"For me, one of the keys to ultra running is embracing each season of the run. The lively tracks need to be balanced with slow numbers. This is one of my go to’s."

50 cent - "If I Can’t"

"This one feeds the ego and gets you over the line."

Ludovico Einaudi - "Corale"

"This is another beautiful song. It's a very peaceful and relaxing piece of music for those never ending miles."