The Irrepressibles have returned once more into the music scene with their latest offering, an EP titled 'Self Love & Acceptance'.

Through the vast realm of British musical talent emerges Jamie Irrepressible, the visionary behind The Irrepressibles – a collective hailed by The Independent as “one of Britain’s best-kept secrets” and lauded by The Guardian for the “overwhelming magic” of their sound.


This release marks Jamie’s return after a three-year hiatus and follows the success of three critically acclaimed studio albums. With hits like ‘Most Beautiful Boy,’ ‘Two Men In Love,’ and ‘In This Shirt,’ which collectively boast three billion streams, Jamie’s cathartic orchestral-pop has established him as one of Britain’s foremost musical exports.


‘Self Love & Acceptance’, a six-track journey through introspection and enlightenment, highlights Jamie’s skill as a composer. A master in creating palpable emotion both through his voice and musical arrangements, Jamie takes us on a journey from still and sincere moments (especially on opener ‘Self Love’), to uplifting, expansive melodies (on ‘Healing the Inner Child’). Opening us up to feel, ‘Self Love & Acceptance’ acts as a comfort blanket to any emotions that arise, as well as providing a lyrical road map to navigating them. Whether we’re finding moments for self-reflection in stripped-back keys, or finding catharsis in complex orchestral layers, it’s Jamie’s astute, moving and ever-relatable lyrics that guide us through. At the end of the journey, focus track ‘The Inner Child’ sees the project out with a profound sense of serenity, hope, and acceptance.


Speaking on the EP focus song, ‘Inner Child’, Jamie describes: “Inner child takes us back to the essence of life – the scintilla – the spark – our inner child always has this and by remembering them and setting them free we become our innate nature… The piece becomes a meditation on this – and the emotional journey of life – which goes all the way into the inner child and then comes out dancing as the other musicians sing – with rhythms, ostinatos and melodies building to become an organic blossoming of musical shapes and a complexity of difference that hopefully inspires the listener to move in their own way.”


The EP features a diverse range of sounds, from immersive orchestrations to contemplative instrumental pieces. Collaborations with electronic luminaries like Röyskopp, Tinlicker, Rex The Dog, and ionalee underscore the appeal of Jamie’s unique musical vision. With the tracklist, including titles like ‘Self Love,’ ‘The Awakening to Self Love,’ and ‘Learning to Take Care of Within,’ each composition is a chapter in Jamie’s exploration of the emotional landscape.


In a world inundated with sound, The Irrepressibles break through the noise by inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-love and acceptance.

Listen to 'Self Love & Acceptance' now: