We caught up with Selina to run down her musical evolution and why she's mesmerised by SZA.

Portland, Oregon born and raised, 19 year old Selina is a singer/songwriter who has truly grown into her own music. Back with a new heartfelt single, “DO YOU MIND/LOST IT”, the artist continues her creative development alongside her blend of R&B and Indie influences.


She describes having been making music for ‘as long as she can remember’ and her 2021 album, ‘Solace’, demonstrated Selina’s capacity for spiritual and personal connection through her music. Always highlighting both the light and the dark, her fanbase has grown though a consistent commitment to vulnerability that drives the artist’s songwriting.


“DO YOU MIND/LOST IT” tells listeners in the chorus “I’m not who you think I am, Don’t act like you give a damn”. A call to self-improvement and moving on, in celebration of the new single we caught up with Selina.


As she enters a new punk-esque, grungey era, we find out all about her whirlwind year so far, her musical evolution, and more. Dive in!

Hey Selina, how’s this year been going for you so far? You’ve already had three single releases!

This year has been a whirlwind on emotion honestly. I’ve undergone a lot of change since the end of last year, which has inspired a lot of new music. Those two singles that have come out are a direct reflection of what my life has been like over the last year and it has been amazing getting to share them with the world.

How would you describe your music in three words? And is there a track you would point new listeners to that you’re especially proud of?

Solace. Conversational. Authentic. A song I would point new listeners to is my single “16”. I wrote it in a place of reflection from when I was 16. It’s really a song I wrote to my past self, and how I can still relate to her.

Let’s talk about your single “16” – you’ve spoken about how it reflects on your younger self and embracing your personal journey. Could you tell me a bit about that?
Sure. It’s a very personal song and it definitely reflects 16-year old Selina. She was very vulnerable and I felt like who i was at that time put me in front of a lot of obstacles I wasn’t quite sure how to handle. Now, being 19, I see how that pain has made me better and stronger, but I still can fall into negative relationships/behaviours. Another thing I love about that song is owning the pain and hurt that I suffered. It’s been a difficult journey but accepting my past has helped me love myself more and more.
You have a strong background in guitar and songwriting, when did you start honing your craft? Was music something you’ve loved from an early age?
I’ve been writing and playing guitar as early as I can remember. I think it started out as a way for me to just say how I was feeling without fear of anyone else’s opinion. Music then became an outlet for me, and I still go back to writing and singing with my guitar. It’s definitely a strong part of my roots.
Were there any specific musical inspirations that helped formulate the alternative R&B and Indie influence your music speaks to now?
Honestly, the list could go on forever, but I don’t feel like there’s any specific artist sound that I feel like I relate to. More so the emotional aspect that is displayed in music from artists like Adele, Sade, Frank Ocean, and Jorja Smith. A lot of the time, I’m not listening to lyrics in a song, I’m just paying attention to the feeling of it.
If you could only listen to one album or artist for the rest of your life, what or who would it be?
This is such a hard question but right now I have to say ‘CNTRL’ by SZA. Every time I listen to it, I’m just mesmerised by everything that she is and creates. There’s not one track on that album I would skip. I even have a ‘CNTRL’ tattoo on my arm.
Some of your music this year has felt like it’s taken on a grungey or punk-esque tone, was this a conscious decision? How do you feel like your music has evolved since you started out?
Definitely not a conscious decision. I’ve always enjoyed more grunge/indie music but I never imagined myself making it. Earlier this year I went through something that created a lot of fire and anger within me, so I started recording on beats that d reflected those emotions. I’ve really enjoyed exploring this new genre and developing a new sound.
You’ve been doing some underground shows around LA and Portland, do you enjoy performing live and being able to connect with people in that way? Has there been a favourite gig so far?
I began doing shows in small houses around Portland, and have now started performing at bars and venues in LA. I honestly used to hate performing live because I struggled with my confidence on stage and singing such vulnerable songs in front of strangers, but overtime and with practice – I have grown to absolutely love it. I most recently did a show in my hometown Portland, and it was incredible seeing the amount support and admiration I have built over the last few years.
Do you have something you want to achieve career-wise where you’ll stop and think, this is what I’ve always wanted? Or a particular goal you’re manifesting?
I can’t say what I have been manifesting but I love sharing my purpose with people. I hope my music reaches the people in search of solace, comfort, or in need of relating to someone who may have experienced something they have too. I want to connect with people’s hearts and give them something that makes an impact on their life. My intention is always to be that.
What have you got coming up in the next few months? Anything you’re particularly excited about?
I’m just excited for life to keep unfolding for me. I hope for endless opportunities to grow my music career as well as my personal growth. I’m excited to be turning 20 this year, maybe I’ll get to move to LA, maybe I won’t. I trust whatever is meant for me.

Listen to Selina's latest release below: