Nigerian singer, Olakira, teams up with the talented Zuchu on the new single “Sere” coming from his forthcoming EP ‘4play’.

Hailing from Ogun State in Nigeria but currently living in Lagos, Olakira has been making waves on the Afrobeat scene. His 2020 hit single “In My Maserati” currently sits at over 9 million streams on Spotify alone, which has led to a remix with DaVido performing just as well. Olakira also has multiple production credits for other artists, playing many different instruments as well.


Building up towards his soon to be release EP ‘4play’, Olakira drops its first single “Sere” featuring Zuchu. An instant chilled out vibe with laid back and percussive Afrobeat rhythms and drums, the song is filled with Olakira’s playful vocals. Zuchu’s feature is a useful changeup to keep the track moving, adding a romantic storyline to the piece.


“It means ‘Play’ in the Nigerian Language of Yoruba,” explains Olakira. “‘Sere’ is about inviting a love interest to come hangout and play.” The track reflects the tone of the lyrics, with both vocalists working well together.


With his much-hyped EP on the way, Olakira is set for an Afrobeat fuelled summer.

Listen to "Sere" below: