Londoner CHKN spits honest rhymes in his latest single, 'Settle Down' featuring DJ Ironik and ROSA.

CHKN’s approach to alt-pop bops promotes feel-good energy alongside his trademark humour. CHKN expresses an array of real-life experiences within his dynamic, groove-laden work within his tracks which to speak his listeners whilst making them move.


The new single, ‘Settle Down’ featuring ROSA and DJ Ironik, examines personal struggles around relationships and how the society we have built and live in can be destructive to us all. CHKN demonstrates his prolific lyrical ability with ease and grace within this new addictive track. CHKN revealed about the track When you’ve had a bad experience with a relationship that ended and enjoy being single to then realise all your friends are settling down maybe you should too.”


The video will be released on the 29th of this month, dropping on key tastemakers, Grime Daily. But for now, dig into the track below!