Music producer and songwriter Jen Rose is back with experimental new release, “Shattered”, the title-track of her brand-new album.

Classically trained in opera and vocal performance, Jen Rose is a gifted musician with compelling storytelling skills. Her brand-new single, “Shattered”, comes as the title track of her newly released sixth studio album.


Having worked with some of the music industry’s most credible artists such as Celine Dion, Prince, and OutKast (to list a few), it’s fair to say she has built quite the profile. Jen is an artist aiming to draw physical and spiritual connections through her music and often tunes her sound to Fibonacci codes and low frequencies to deepen the healing process. With an authentic, innovative and experimental approach, Jen’s tracks take you on a journey – and it’s this that makes her music stand out.


Speaking about her new album, Jen says: “As I was editing and mixing the album, key songs began to stand out, “Shattered” is a dance track to move through the feeling of a shattered heart, that word best described what it felt like, to have your heart literally broken into pieces in one shocking moment”.

Stream “Shattered” below: