Emerging songstress Ysa returns with irresistible, summer-soaked single, “Shed Those Tears”.

From her home studio in Nashville, Ysa’s just laid down yet another lo-fi-pop bop, titled “Shed Those Tears”. Alongside R&B sensibilities, the track features danceable beats, intoxicating toplines, and groovy basslines. Forming a technicolour soundscape, the lyrics land with resonance. 


Speaking on the single, Ysa shares, “It’s a tongue-in-cheek play on the dynamics of missing someone in a relationship. When I’m not around, I need you to miss me and shed those tears”. 


The singer, songwriter, and producer has thus far been a silent heavy-hitter. Her music’s found its way to Netflix, Hulu, and MTV in the few years she’s been penning tracks. Self-taught to play piano, guitar, bass, ukelele, and drums, Ysa spent her early years glued to YouTube, with inspirations ranging from Rihanna and SZA to Norah Jones. After falling upon a music recording class in college, Ysa developed a passion for beat-making – and the rest is history.

Stream “Shed Those Tears” below: