Rapper, producer and YouTuber, Joey Nato, offers up thumping drumlines and personal, lyrical insight on his new track “Sherlock”.

From Connecticut, USA, Joey moved to LA to pursue his dream of breaking into the music industry. After soon recognising how hard this would actually be, Joey received some YouTube mentorship from a former high school classmate.


The YouTuber has been growing his channel over the last couple of years. Now with 435K subscribers and over 67 million views to his name, his channel mainly consists of reaction type videos as well as some personal remixes of songs. This is where Joey quickly realised his new platform was his chance to convert his viewers into listeners


More recently, the rapper has been pushing his own sound, leading to the release of his most recent album “Made Overnight”. The album features “Sherlock”, where Joey blends melodic, catchy hooks with punchy wordplay. The new track provides an insight into the rapper’s hardships as he reflects on how far he has come and unravels his moments of dishonesty.


Speaking on “​Sherlock​”, Joey states, “One day I tried to challenge myself to make a complete song from scratch within one hour. After accomplishing that, I did it again. I thought to myself, wow…I just made 2 songs in 2 hours. It became clear after that making an entire album in a day was possible for me, but after creating the album I was blown away by how good it came out. This ended up being my proudest moment as an artist and my best project to date. I’m confident this album is better than a lot of album artists spend months on.”


Joey Nato also mentions the meaning behind “Sherlock”, “In this song, I pretty much openly reveal myself as being the “snake” of the team that has a hidden agenda. I think that’s a pretty unique thing for an artist to do.”

Listen to "Sherlock" below: