Los Angeles-based artist R.O.E (which stands for 'rising over envy') shares his soulful and self-assured new track, "Shine".

With his influences ringing loud in his music, “Shine”, produced by Slot A (Jamila Woods) takes an uplifting approach as R.O.E sings about the things he is grateful for and choosing to shine regardless of life’s circumstances.


Featuring his laid back but passionate delivery and silky harmonies over the chorus, R.O.E’s new track “Shine” will leave listeners feeling elevated and filled with positivity.


R.O.E obtains a reflective and poetic lyrical style that is reminiscent of J Cole, proving him to be a natural storyteller and a magnet for all lovers of alternative hip-hop.


With a growing discography, R.O.E is on his way to being part of the artists that can grasp the attention of a worldwide audience with their music filled with hope and raw emotions and we can’t wait to see more of him in the future.

Stream R.O.E's "Shine" below: