Viral pop artist Leah Kate shares her endearing new single “Shit Show”.

Recently reaching viral fame, the fast-rising artist Leah Kate is back for more.


Kate has dabbled in songwriting since the age of 12 but after she was fired from her job in New York she turned her full attention to music-making. Her boldly named “Fuck Up The Friendship” garnered 40 million plays and put her on the global radar. Since then, Leah Kate has been on a roll, releasing a trio of singles titled “Boy Next Door”, “Calabasas” and “Veronica”.


Now, Leah Kate’s (second) unashamedly titled “Shit Show” is sure to grab even more attention. A rock-pop tribute to the 90s and 00s, if Kate isn’t already on your mental map, she sure will be after this.


“No matter what kind of song I’m releasing, whether it’s a disco dance pop song or just me on guitar, the lyrics have to matter and be very truthful to my life”, Leah Kate commented.

Listen to "Shit Show" below:


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