brx amplifies a punk spirit and refined sound on his latest track, 'SHOUT', which looks set to electrify the music game.

Being a solo punk artist might come with challenges, but it has allowed brx, pronounced Brooks, to electrify the punk scene and provide a unique approach to the genre. Advocating the DIY spirit embedded in punk’s illustrious history, his latest single, ‘SHOUT’, infuses raw guitar riffage with his trademark vocals, passionately blending the sound’s tropes to create something entirely his own.


Written while part of a previous band, the track quickly became a fan favourite in his setlists when performing at open mic nights to a sea of captivated on-lookers. Its intricate lyricism and resonant themes are poised to strike a chord with listeners, as the multifaceted artist reminds us to stand up for what we believe in and not compromise on what we remain passionate about.


Brx’s unique vocals and thrashy instrumentals have landed him slots across Kansas: from basements to dive bars and home venues, the singer and guitarist doesn’t shy away from the intimate venues that create memories with his closest fans. After being in bands, performing solo has become second nature to brx; it allows him to have creative control over his artistic endeavours. His music harmoniously combines melodic vocals, artistic lyrics, and infectious pop-punk hooks, creating a compelling sound reminiscent of iconic bands like Blink-182, Green Day and Rancid.


As brx continues his journey toward reaching deity status in the punk scene, fans can look forward to a wealth of new music. ‘SHOUT’ is not just a song; it’s a statement, a rallying cry for individuality and conviction. Listen below to his unyielding energy and DIY punk ethos on the track.

Listen to 'SHOUT' now: